By Train Will Be 630 Kilometers From Ankara To Izmir

ankara izmir yht map
ankara izmir yht map

The train will be 630 kilometers from Ankara to Izmir: The project, which is designed to connect Izmir to Ankara with a high standard railway line, will be awarded this year. In line with the line that is planned to be started in 2006, DLH General Directorate is preparing a new project depending on some criteria in the old project.

With the new project prepared, the 824 kilometer railway line between Ankara and Izmir will be reduced to 630 and the transportation will be shortened to a great extent. Ankara-Izmir line will not stop in Eskisehir and Manisa.

Without going to Eskişehir from Polatlı directly to Afyon, without going to Manisa for passenger trains will be connected directly to Izmir from Turgutlu. With the new project being prepared, the length of the tunnel will be shortened and the cost of the railway will be saved.

Polatlı-Afyon-Uşak-Alaşehir-Turgutlu project will be divided into two separate branches in the new line Turgutlu. The line that will be used only for passenger transportation will go to İzmir via Turgutlu-Kemalpaşa-Ulucak. The railway line for freight and passenger transportation will extend to İzmir by following the current Turgutlu-Manisa-Menemen route.

Project Introduction Video prepared by DLH on railway revision between Ankara and Izmir


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