Denizli 100th Anniversary Provincial Public Library was opened

Denizli Yıl Provincial Public Library was opened
Denizli Yıl Provincial Public Library was opened

📩 08/11/2023 14:34

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy said, "We want libraries to be places that help people develop reading habits, rather than being places where people with a reading habit go." said.

In his speech at the opening of the Denizli 100th Year Provincial Public Library in Pamukkale district, Minister Ersoy stated that fulfilling promises always gives happiness and peace, and that they opened the library with these feelings.

Minister Ersoy noted that they are working intensively to prevent libraries from being places used only for compulsory reasons such as homework, research and thesis and in certain periods, and continued as follows:

“We want libraries to be places where people develop the habit of reading, rather than just being a place where people with a reading habit go. Let them be places where time is spared and enjoyed with cultural and artistic activities organized with social facilities and equipment, rather than places where people spend time compulsorily. To provide service to people of all ages and walks of life. “Let it be accessible at every moment of life.”

Stating that they opened libraries in shopping malls, airports and train stations to integrate them into the flow of life, Minister Ersoy said that they no longer left an excuse in this sense.

“Please Come to Our Libraries with Our Children”

Inviting parents to the libraries, Minister Ersoy said, “Please come to our libraries with our children. Participate in the events here and enable them to benefit from experiential learning opportunities in the workshops organized. Incorporate culture and art into their lives at the earliest possible age through artistic activities, and most importantly, develop your child's love of libraries and books with all these opportunities and services we offer.” he said.

Reminding that the old library in Denizli served in an area of ​​690 square meters, Minister Ersoy said that they increased it to 6 thousand 369 square meters.

Stating that they aim to bring 100 more libraries to Turkey on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Minister Ersoy said, “In this context, we built new library buildings in all corners of our country or created libraries that are fully compatible with user needs by designing the buildings we provided. Hopefully we will have reached our goal by the end of the year. Denizli is hosting the 100th library in this project special for the 85th anniversary of our Republic.” shared his knowledge.

After the speech, the library was opened.

Denizli Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun and Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan also attended the opening.