Presidential Türkiye Cycling Tour 2024 Race Calendar Has Been Announced

Presidential Türkiye Cycling Tour Race Calendar Has Been Announced
Presidential Türkiye Cycling Tour Race Calendar Has Been Announced

The 2024 race calendar of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which is in the UCI ProSeries category in the World Cycling Union 2024 calendar, has been announced. The international tour will be held for the 21th time between 28-2024 April 59.

The 58th Presidential Turkey Cycling Tour, organized by the Turkish Cycling Federation under the auspices of the Presidency and with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey, was postponed to 2023-8 October due to the earthquake disaster in 15. Following the successful organization, the organization was upgraded to UCI ProSeries status in 2024 as a result of the comprehensive report prepared by the UCI, and took its place in the World Cycling Union calendar in April, its original date.


In 2023, the TOUR will take place in 8 days, 8 stages, 1.235,1 km, from Alanya to Kemer, from Kalkan to Fethiye, from Marmaris to Bodrum, from Selçuk to Manisa and Izmir, and then intercontinental to Istanbul-Sultanahmet. With its dazzling track, historical Fethiye-Babadağ Stage and perfect organization, it received full marks from UCI referees, technical delegates, participating teams and world cycling authorities. As a result of the referee evaluations, the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will continue to be included in the UCI ProSeries status in the 2024 international calendar of the UCI Road Races.

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, one of the 21 races in the world in the UCI ProSeries category, which comes after the World Tour organizations in the elite men's road cycling racing categories; In 2024, it will host the stars of world cycling and 25 teams in the UCI WorldTeam, UCI ProTeam and UCI Continental Team categories.


The Presidential Turkey Cycling Tour, which has a wide impact area from the development of cycling sports and culture to the promotion of the country, from cycling tourism to the fight against the climate crisis and protection of health, will be held for the 2024th time in 21 between 28-59 April.

Expressing that he was very happy and proud from the moment he received the news that the Presidential Turkey Cycling Tour was included in the World Cycling Union (UCI) calendar with the status of UCI ProSeries, with the signature of UCI President David Lappartient, President of the Turkish Cycling Federation Emin Müftüoğlu said: “In 2026, the Champions League of cycling will be held.” On the path we set out with the goal of becoming the UCI World Tour, it is a very important development that the Presidential Turkey Cycling Tour retains its place in the 2024 calendar as UCI ProSeries. Thanks to the protection, vision and instructions of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and our Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. The success of the 58th Presidential Turkey Cycling Tour, which we organized with the support of Osman Aşkın Bak, is due to the effort and synergy of a great team from our Presidency, our Ministries, our Federation, our Governorships, our local governments, our organization teams, our referees and our healthcare teams. This year, we focused on our goal with a brand new spirit and excitement. In order for the race to be held at the highest standards, we aimed for the best in parameters such as high level security and satisfaction of the teams. Live broadcasts, the support of our local governments, the interest and support of our media, our stages that left their mark in the history of cycling such as Babadağ, and the interest and excitement shown by our people and sports fans in the start and finish areas left their mark on this year. We ran an excellent race with the energy we received from the vision of making Turkey a cycling country and "we are growing cycling". "We would like to thank everyone who contributed and supported the Presidential Turkey Cycling Tour, especially our President, on its journey to become a world brand," he said.

Türkiye in the World Cycling Union Calendar 2.1. The number of stage road bikes in the category increased to two.

In 2024, Tour of Istanbul, which is named after our two important cities and plays an important role in the promotion of Turkey and the development of cycling sports, will present high-level competition and cycling festival between 26-29 September 2024, and Tour of Antalya between 8-11 February 2024.