Bostanlı Pier Becomes One of the Symbols of Izmir

Bostanlı Pier Becomes One of the Symbols of Izmir
Bostanlı Pier Becomes One of the Symbols of Izmir

📩 18/11/2023 12:23

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in the renovation works carried out with an investment of 17 million lira at Bostanlı Pier, one of the important links of public transportation. The project, where open and closed passenger waiting areas have been quadrupled, also includes a closed parking area for bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. The pier is planned to be put into service next month with its renewed face.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which renovated Üçkuyular Pier in order to increase the comfort in sea transportation, is nearing the end of the renovation works it started at Bostanlı Pier. Within the scope of the works carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, the ferry waiting area, which is inadequate in terms of physical conditions, is being renewed. The renovation works, carried out with an investment of 17 million liras, are planned to be completed next month.

The passenger lounge has grown

The capacity of the old passenger waiting room of 28 square meters was increased to 104 square meters, of which 68 square meters is closed and 172 square meters is open. Passenger seating capacity was increased from 25 to 100. There will be an air conditioning system in the hall and information screens where passengers can follow the flight times inside and outside.

“The waiting area grows 4 times”

Kadir Efe Oruç, Head of Transportation Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they increased the capacity of both the passenger hall and vehicle waiting areas and said, “We carried out a modernization work at Üçkuyular Pier last June. We completely renovated the passenger waiting room, vehicle parking and movement areas there. Now we are carrying out a similar study at Bostanlı Pier, another important integration center of the city. Here, we felt the need to modernize the waiting area of ​​our citizens, especially those using the ferry, and the movement area of ​​the vehicles. After our analysis studies, we increased the capacity of our passenger waiting room from 25 people to 100 people. We are also enlarging the open area by 4 times. We are also increasing vehicle waiting areas. "We will complete all our work in the area by the end of December and make it available to our passengers," he said.

Micromobility Parking Area is coming

Pointing out that Bostanlı Pier is an intersection and integration center of transportation types, Oruç said, “There is an intersection of trams, ferries and buses here. An average of one hundred thousand people cross paths here every day. People also come here by car, bicycle, scooter and motorcycle. While building this passenger waiting room, we made a plan by including micromobility elements in the intersection area. The Micromobility Parking Area, which is planned to be covered to prevent parked vehicles from being affected by adverse weather conditions, will have 8 vertical bicycle parking spaces, 32 scooter parking spaces and 12 motorcycle parking spaces. "This work, which encourages the increased use of sustainable transportation vehicles, will also prevent scooter and motorcycle users from parking their vehicles irregularly on vehicular and pedestrian roads," he said.

We strengthen maritime transportation

Explaining their efforts to provide uninterrupted and sustainable transportation, Oruç said, “Izmir is one of the 100 mission cities in Europe. One of the important goals of mission cities is to reduce carbon emissions and develop environmentally friendly transportation types. Therefore, the work carried out by our municipality supports this goal. Having fewer vehicles in traffic and more intensive use of ferries will directly contribute to our goals. After 2019, we increased the number of ferries in our fleet from 3 to 7. We ensure the development and protection of our city and nature with the investments we make to improve maritime transportation. Also, another first in Turkey; We have made significant progress in incorporating electric passenger ships into our fleet. "After the approval of our project that we submitted to the 2024 Presidential Investment Program, our electric ships will be gradually included in our fleet between 2025 and 2027," he said.