10 Rules We Must Follow to Protect From Flu!

The rule we must follow to protect ourselves from flu!
The rule we must follow to protect ourselves from flu!

📩 01/10/2023 10:12

Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. Flu is especially dangerous for the elderly and children. Because it multiplies in the lungs, causes pneumonia, and paves the way for other diseases, flu is especially fatal in people over 65 years of age, those with lung, heart, kidney, liver and diabetes, those undergoing cancer treatment, and in childhood when the immune system is not fully developed. it could be.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül explained the 10 rules that we should follow to protect ourselves from the flu as follows:

1- The most effective way is to get the flu vaccine. Especially people in the risk group mentioned above should definitely be vaccinated.

2- Vaccination will not only protect against the flu, but also prevent the development of other diseases (such as bronchitis and pneumonia) that may develop after the flu.

3- The second best method of protection is to eat healthy. When we say healthy eating, we may immediately think of foods such as salad and fruit. However, we will need to eat both plant and animal proteins to strengthen our immune system, especially in the winter months.

4- To strengthen our immune system, it is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin C and especially zinc. Lemon and olive oil salads and especially fresh oranges and tangerines are excellent sources of vitamin C. For zinc, we can consume spinach, lamb and beef, almonds, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, sesame, beans, dry beans, peas, zucchini, turkey and chicken breast meat.

5- The flu is mostly through the air we breathe. For this reason, staying away from poorly ventilated and very crowded environments will protect us against the flu.

6- Another way the flu can be transmitted is through our hands. Especially while walking outside or in a store, shopping mall, we should be careful not to touch the objects that we can touch with our hands (e.g. elevator button, stair handles, door handles, leaning walls, poles in stops) or if we are going to touch it, we should take a napkin and touch it with it and then immediately remove this napkin. It would be fine to throw it away. Let's not forget that the disease is most often transmitted by hands, and we should never take our hands to the mouth and nose area when outside. If we are going to take it, we should definitely use a clean paper napkin.

7- For the health of others, if we are going to sneeze or blow our nose, it is useful to use a clean paper napkin and throw it away immediately.

8- We should never kiss with our friends, even if they are close acquaintances we meet on the road. Because we don't know whether we are sick or not, nor do we know if he is sick. If you make a move to kiss and hug, even if the other person is sick, in some cases, he may not be able to withdraw himself as a courtesy. In this case, the disease can spread spontaneously.

9- We should try to wash our hands frequently, and if we do not have a special cup for ourselves at the place we work, we prefer disposable cups to prevent the transmission of germs. In addition, we should carefully approach the stationery materials such as pencils that we use in the environment we work in. If possible, we should be very careful to only use our own special ones.

10- The way we dress in winter can also cause a decrease in our body resistance. For this reason, no matter how difficult it may be, we should not allow our bodies to sweat unnecessarily or stay in the cold by taking off the excess clothes, such as coats and jackets, when we enter a closed and warm environment and wearing them when going out.