Körfez Barbaros District is Moving to Derince Sopalı District

Körfez Barbaros District is Moving to Derince Sopalı District
Körfez Barbaros District is Moving to Derince Sopalı District

📩 10/09/2023 12:00

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its urban transformation works at many points. In this context, Barbaros District, known for its proximity to TÜPRAŞ filling facilities in Körfez district, is being moved to Derince Sopalı District within the scope of the "Urban Transformation Project".


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality had initiated the "Urban Transformation Project" together with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change for Barbaros Neighborhood, located right next to the filling facilities in Körfez district. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started reconciliation negotiations on May 11, achieved great success and reached an agreement with 94 percent of the beneficiaries.


Within the scope of the project carried out together with the Ministry of Metropolitan Municipality, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Barbaros District will be moved to Sopalı District of Derince District. The 1st stage tender of the project includes the construction of 534 residences, 40 shops and 1 mosque, necessary infrastructure and environmental arrangements.


An open tender was held by TOKİ on 1 October 28 for the 2022st stage to be held in the said area. The tender, with an approximate cost of 668 million 562 thousand liras, was awarded to the business partnership of MS Mega Yapı İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi and Mega Arslan Yapı İnşaat Demir Otomotiv Petrol Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi with its bid of 697 million 992 thousand liras. The contract was signed with the business partnership in question on January 12, 2023. Within the scope of the 1st stage tender, 534 residences, 40 shops and 1 mosque will be built in the region, together with the necessary infrastructure and environmental regulations. The construction of the houses in question will be completed in a total of 600 days. According to the project, the rough construction of 24 blocks consisting of 18 blocks and a mosque has been completed. Rough construction of the remaining 4 blocks and the mosque continues. The progress rate of the project reached 40 percent.