The Wedding Dress of Zeynep Character Was Selected as 'The Most Beautiful Series Wedding Dress'

The Wedding Dress of Zeynep Character Was Selected as the Most Beautiful Series Wedding Dress
The Wedding Dress of Zeynep Character Was Selected as 'The Most Beautiful Series Wedding Dress'

📩 07/04/2023 13:27

Nalan's wedding dress, played by Burcu Biricik in the TV series "Girl in the Glass", won the first place and was chosen as the "Most Beautiful TV Series Wedding Dress" in the poll organized by GirlsSoriyor.

A community platform where women and men come together to help each other on topics they are passionate and knowledgeable about, to ask questions and exchange ideas about every aspect of life, KizlarAssoriyor, which is the voice of the community, has added a new one to its surveys. “Which TV show is your favourite?” In the survey, which was asked, the wedding dresses worn by the beautiful actors for their roles in the TV series, from Beren Saat to Demet Özdemir, from Hande Erçel to Serenay Sarıkaya, which locked the audience on the screen, were voted.

The results of the survey, which was chosen as the "Most Beautiful TV Series Wedding Dress", among the wedding dresses worn in the popular TV series of the screens, were announced.

In the survey, the stylish wedding dresses worn by 7 serial characters were put to the vote. The wedding dress, which has been adorning the dreams of bride candidates since the day it was broadcast on television, specially prepared by Burcu Biricik for the character of Zeynep in the Girl in the Glass series, was selected as the 'Most Beautiful Series Wedding Dress' by collecting the most votes.

With 1605 Votes, the Best TV Series Wedding Dress with Burcu Biricik in the Girl in the Glass Series

Since the day it was broadcast on the screens, it has been inspiring to young people and "Here I want a wedding dress like this!" The magnificent wedding dresses of the TV series came together and the election was made by a total of 4325 votes, 1689 women and 6014 men. The wedding dress worn by Burcu Biricik, who played the character of Nalan in the Girl in the Glass, was chosen as the "Most Beautiful TV Series Wedding Dress" with the votes she received from 1278 female and 327 male users.

The wedding dress was designed exclusively for the series, from ziberlin fabric, which is also preferred by the Royal Family, and was produced as a result of long-term rehearsals. Those who admired her nobility at first sight poured demands on the fashion house where the wedding dress was designed, and this wedding dress, which was specially produced for the character of Nalan in the series, was later bought by a foreign audience of the series for 43 thousand liras.

She was the second model with 20% of the votes in the survey, worn by the character of Bihter, played by Beren Saat in the TV series Aşk-I Memnu, that shaped the wedding dress preferences of a period. Strapless neckline, A-cut wedding dress, with the effect of the knee, has become a model that many women prefer on their most special days, even today, with its wonderful model that defies years.

Eda's wedding dress, worn by Hande Erçel in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, won the third place with 16% of the votes! This wedding dress, enriched with tulle glove details, was great for those who are looking for a model that is far from exaggeration, and it suited the style of Eda character played by Hande Erçel.

Although the fourth and fifth candidates completed the survey with an equal rate of 12%, with 738 votes, the character Zeynep, played by Demet Özdemir, wore the wedding dress designed by Zuleyha Kuru, worn in the final episode of the series, fourth in the wedding dress, and Ayşegül, brought to life by Burçin Terzioğlu in the Poyraz Karayel series, where we are so full of love. The wedding dress worn by her character, which is a timeless model with its sleeve and embroidery details, came in fifth with 728 votes.

In sixth place is the iconic Bliss wedding dress worn by the character Mira, brought to life by Serenay Sarıkaya from the Medcezir series, which received 9% of the votes. This V-neck wedding dress is a model that can always be preferred with its timeless elegant design. Although it was used for a beach wedding in the series, the heavy stance of the lace details was beautiful enough to suit any environment.

According to our survey results, the wedding dress of Şura in the TV series Kurt Seyit ve Şura is at the end of the list with 4% of the votes. In the TV series Kurt Seyit & Şura, in which we watched with admiration the beautiful young people floating in the magnificent ballrooms and the flamboyant outfits they wore, the wedding dress of Şura, played by Farah Zeynep Abdullah, showed that it was a period wedding dress with its sleeve details and romantic embroideries. so it was included.