Why should a person travel? How adventures change us


📩 25/04/2023 00:08

Most people living on planet Earth would like to explore its farthest corners. But many cannot do this because of financial constraints, others simply consider tourism a waste of time and sincerely do not understand why a person needs to travel. But the fact is that after each trip we do not come back the same.

Travel relieves stress

Scientists have found out how travel affects a person and what changes our brain is amenable to. Clean fresh air has a positive effect on physical health. And what about psychological health? There are many reasons for serious stress and depression today. According to experts, the best way to deal with them is to "turn off" those parts of the brain that cause these psychological ailments. But to restore mental balance, drugs are not needed. The treatment is much simpler.

Scientists examined a group of people who were sent for a 90-minute walk through the forest. During this short period, activity in the area of the brain that controls psychological diseases and stress-related problems has significantly decreased. Just imagine, if only an hour and a half gives such a positive result, then what a super effect will be achieved after a few days spent in remote corners of the world! And all this is possible, just rent a car and go outside of the city. You may hire  CARSLUX or hire any vehicle you like from any rental service and take a rest.

Creativity depends on travel

A very interesting experiment was conducted by scientists with volunteers who were asked to spend a few days away from the stone jungle without the usual gadgets. During the experiment, they were offered to take several tests for creative thinking, as well as tasks of increased complexity, which were very difficult to solve in this situation. And what is the result? Have you guessed? The level of creativity and problem-solving skills has increased by 50%!

So, if you have a creative crisis or have a lot of difficult questions, the way out is simple – to move away from the world with its bustle for a while. There are a lot more opportunities to discover the ideal solution and have an epiphany in a fresh setting!

A quick remark: if you go to Amsterdam and do not leave a comfortable hotel, changes will never occur. It is necessary to walk through the streets of the ancient city,  rent a car and observe the city surroundings, and communicate with the locals. Everyone will undoubtedly notice the difference in this situation!

Scientists explain it simply: creativity is directly related to the neuroplasticity of the brain, that is, its ability to adapt to new situations and sensory materials. The ability to integrate thoughts and make profound connections across different forms, as well as cognitive depth and flexibility, all enhance with travel experience.

By the way, this means that a person does not need to spend a lot of money to travel to expensive tourist destinations. A positive effect from touching another culture can be achieved, even if you just went for a walk in a neighboring town.

Travel and human self-esteem

Why would a person travel? Surely many of us have experienced self-doubt, and low self-esteem is familiar to everyone who has experienced depression. Traveling will also help to sort out these problems! Cross-cultural experience increases a person's sense of self-worth.

Traveling to new locations and learning about different cultures is a wonderful way to get out of your normal routine and face your anxieties.

The impact of travel on human intelligence

One more study showed that everyone who traveled while studying abroad is more open to new experiences in everyday life. Students who pored over textbooks without leaving the university campus performed 20% worse on tests than those who traveled.

The search for an opportunity to survive in an alien environment, and learn a second language contributes to a large surge in IQ. Learning languages also helps brain muscles strengthen and form new neural connections. This means that traveling can make a person's brain faster and stronger!

Faith in humanity

In addition, any trip helps to leave your comfort zone and makes you communicate with others of a different mentality and culture. At the same time, a person becomes less biased and more open to everything new. In a study conducted in 2012 at Tel Aviv University, researchers found that people who believed that racial groups had characteristic features inherent only to them changed their minds after traveling. In general, a love of travel aids in the removal of pessimistic views that have become ingrained in your worldview. You can gain confidence in the world and yourself by discovering other cultures.

What are you waiting for now that you understand how travel affects people and are aware of all the benefits? Pack your belongings and hit the road!