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Watch Fantarium Besiktas Giresunspor live stream, watch Sifresiz Selcuk Sports Bjk Giresun live link
Watch Fantarium Besiktas Giresunspor live stream, watch Sifresiz Selcuk Sports Bjk Giresun live link

📩 09/04/2023 21:37

Leader Beşiktaş will face Giresunspor on the field in the 28th week of Spor Toto Super League. Giresunspor has the upper hand in the matches Beşiktaş has played with Giresunspor in the Super League in recent years. Fans who want to watch the Beşiktaş Giresunspor match live are searching for how to watch the BJK Giresun match live free of charge. Selcuk Sports Besiktas Giresunspor watch live match Bein Sports 1 Justin TV Freeze Fantarium24 Netspor Bjk Giresun live watch illegal link. When will Beşiktaş Giresunspor match be broadcast live?

Selcuk Sports Besiktas Giresunspor to watch the match live

KadıköyBeşiktaş, which changed the balance of the league by overthrowing Fenerbahçe in Turkey, will host Giresunspor to increase its winning streak to 5 games. When is the Beşiktaş-Giresunspor match, at what time, on which channel? Answers to questions, possible 11s and pre-match details are in our news. KadıköyBeşiktaş, which defeated Fenerbahçe 4-2 and boosted morale, will host Giresunspor in the 28th week of the Super League. Şenol Güneş students are counting on catching a 5-match series for the second time this season by beating the Black Sea representative. With the effect of Fenerbahçe's victory, the fans are expected to fill the stadium completely tonight.

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Beşiktaş and Giresunspor will face each other at Vodafone Park Stadium in the 28th week of Spor Toto Super League. Referee Atilla Karaoğlan will blow the whistle in the fight between the two teams that will start at 20.30. Ceyhun Sesigüzel and Abdullah Bora will be the assistants of Karaoğlan. Sarper Barış Saka will be the 4th referee of the match, while Özgür Yankaya will sit on the VAR seat in the match. Volkan Bayarslan and Süleyman Özay will accompany Yankaya in AVAR.

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Cameroonian Black and White star Vincent Aboubakar had a slow start to his third term at Black Eagle. The experienced striker, who remained silent in the first 4 matches, left his mark on the last 4 matches. The successful player, who showed his quality with 4 goals against Ankaragücü, Başakşehir, İstanbulspor and Fenerbahçe, plans to score a goal against Giresunspor this evening.

Watch the match of Besiktas Giresunspor on Selcuk Spor TV.

Continuing his effective appearance in the team work carried out throughout the week, the name aims to both bring victory to his team and increase the number of points to 5 in a row with the goals he will score today. Coach Şenol Güneş has a lot of confidence in Aboubakar before tonight's match… The experienced coach will play on the offensive line; epic battle

Besiktas Giresunspor What time will the match be broadcast live?

Beşiktaş-Giresunspor match, which will be played at Vodafone Park this evening and will start at 20.30, will be broadcast live on beIN Sports 1. The live score follow-up of the 90 minutes, which will be directed by Atilla Karaoğlan, will be in our news.

Beşiktaş-Giresunspor probable 11s:

Besiktas: Mert, Onur, Saiss (Necip), Colley, Masuaku, Redmond, Salih, Hadziahmetovic, Gedson, Cenk, Aboubakar

Giresunspor: Ferhat, Alper, Arias, Perez, Hayrullah, Borja, Mejia, Gorkem, Mert, Savicevic, Bajic

Besiktas 2-1 Giresunspor live commentary of the match

3′ Cenk Tosun made a good head shot, but goalkeeper Ferhat easily dominated the ball that fell on him.

5′ With Nathan Redmond's goal, Ferhat regained control of the ball.

10′ There is tension between Alexis Perez and Vincent Aboubakar. Aboubakar reacted to Perez's intervention. The tension did not rise with the intervention of other players.

13′ Redmond's great attack, Cenk Tosun took a hard shot, but the ball went away from the top.

21′ Rijad Bajic scores for Giresunspor. Bajic, who met the ball in the penalty area, managed to chase Mert Günok.

23′ Vincent Aboubakar shoots from a very good position, but he can't beat Ferhat Kaplan.

30′ Cenk Tosun meets the goalkeeper who is far behind the defense. Giresunspor goalkeeper Ferhat Kaplan made two saves from the front position in 8 minutes.

34′ Injured Cenk Tosun could not continue the game. He was replaced by Gedson Fernandes.

37′ Beşiktaş won a penalty. Alexis Perez intervened in the ball that Salih wanted to fill.

39′ Vincent Aboubakar sent the ball to different corners with the goalkeeper from the penalty spot.

42′ Rachid Ghezzal meets the ball.

45+1′ Giresunspor player Alper headbutted a free position with the set ball, but the ball went badly.

45+2′ Kuwas receives a yellow card after strong objections.

45+5′ Aboubakar clears the net from the right diagonal. Cameroonian striker stood in front of Alexis Perez in Giresunspor and delighted in the goal. There was tension between the two players in the early part of the match.

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