When is Manifest season 4 episode 2 coming?

When is the Manifest season episode coming?
When is the Manifest season episode coming?

After the release of Manifest season 4 episode 1, Manifests around the world were ready to see how the story in Manifest season 4 episode 2 would end. ends.

The first half of the final season, the first to air as a Netflix original series, premiered in November 2022 and aired 10 action-packed episodes. Many questions have been answered, but many more are presented to be answered in Chapter 2.

But when will Manifest season 4 episode 2 be released on Netflix? Here's everything fans need to know about the upcoming finale, including the release slot, cast updates, halftime spoilers and more!

When is Manifest season 4 episode 2 coming?

In January 2023, creator Jeff Rake shared that Manifest season 4 episode 2 will be released on Netflix in the spring of 2023. 1 release date announced.

Since the first half of season 1 aired on November 828, the day Flight 4 returns to New York City, fans have been speculating that episode 2 can air on April 828, the day Flight 7 takes off, or on June 2, the day Flight XNUMX takes off. . Both dates are Fridays, which coincide with spring according to the calendar.

Manifest season 4 episode 2 will not air in April 2023

As mentioned above, Manifests has long theorized that Manifest season 4 episode 2 will air in April 828 to honor the departure date of Flight 2023. chapters were not included in the titles. Even though season 4 episode 2 won't air in April, there's still a sneaky suspicion among fans that something might be announced in April. All connected!

Manifest season 4 episode 2 cast

Check out the season 4 episode 2 main cast:

  • Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone
  • Josh Dallas as Ben Stone
  • J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez
  • Luna Blaise as Olive Stone
  • Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl
  • Matt Long as Zeke Landon*
  • Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer
  • Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance

In addition to the main cast of Manifest, these recurring cast members are also expected to return for the final episodes:

  • Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami
  • Jared Grimes as Adrian Shannon
  • Garrett Wareing as T.J. Morrison
  • Ali Lopez-Sohaili as Eagan Tehrani
  • Brianna Riccio and Gianna Riccio as Eden Stone
  • Mahira Kakkar as Aria Gupta

WARNING: Spoilers from Manifest season 4 episode 1 from this point on!

Will Matt Long (Zeke) be in Manifest season 4 episode 2?

In the episode 1 finale, Zeke used his powers of empathy and pain absorption to sacrifice himself for survival. Cal's presence and his own powers were needed to save the passengers and the world as they now knew it. So, Cal's cancer was cured, and Zeke seemed resigned to Cal's fate.

While it's unclear whether Matt Long will now appear as Zeke in episode 2, it's worth noting that Long was on set for at least part of the production of episode 2. While Zeke, and thus Long, isn't featured in every episode, we're pretty sure his appearance and Michaela and Zeke's story are not over. Where there is a will, there is a way! (As we learned with Grace in chapter 1.)

The Manifest series finale will feature a character monologue

Tears will shed during the Manifest series finale anyway, so it makes sense for the writers to throw in a series of end-of-series monologues just to make sure we stock up on our textures. According to a quote from TV Line, on the last day of filming, an original cast was given an unscripted monologue that plays out in the series' final scene.

Honestly, it will be an emotional scene no matter who sings the monologue, but for an extra emotional scene, our guess would be Zeke. If she's actually been dead for the entirety of the final episode of season 4, then a few last words of wisdom would be a fitting and heartbreaking way to end, to reflect on Michaela's monologue from the pilot from beyond the grave.

The Manifesters popularly pinned Michaela as the original actress tasked with saying goodbye to us as she takes us to the series with narration in the pilot episode. Michaela's insights from this winding journey would be the perfect way to end the series. We'll have to wait and see who will deliver the monologue in the end, but we're not picky at all!

Melissa Roxburgh directs two episodes of Manifest season 4, episode 2

In episode 4 of season 1, Josh Dallas made his directorial debut with episode 7, and his onscreen sister Melissa Roxburgh will do the same in episode 2! The actress Michaela Stone led two episodes in the last batch. Keep your eyes peeled for the episodes he directs, which will be Episodes 17 and 18 (or Episodes 2 and 10 from Episodes 8 through 9).

What will Manifest season 4 episode 2 be about?

The second part of the final season will begin after the game-changing episode 1 finale, where Angelina secures the power of Omega Sapphire and crystallizes her hand. After the fight between Angelina and the Stones, as a clear result of Angelina's abuse of power, volcanic fissures spread all over the city.

The Manifest will continue to tell the end of Flight 828's story and how it will help save the Stone family's lifeboat. As we learned in chapter 1, the fate of the entire world depends on solving the mystery of the plane, as the Date of Death is not just for the passengers of Flight 828. World.

What happened in Manifest season 4 episode 1?

As mentioned above, Angelina insisted on being the worst and defiantly treated her fellow passengers at every opportunity. From kidnapping Eden to attempting to kill Ben, she actively worked for her own agenda. She stole the omega Sapphire and got some of it. It will be another struggle to get it back.

Season 4 introduced the Registry, an agency designed to track and enforce Flight 828 passengers. Drea works from the Registry to help the Stones from within, and Jared joins the Registry at the end of episode 1, hoping to give the lifeboat another ally in the belly of the beast. Of course, the emotional end of the season saw Zeke sacrificing himself to keep Cal alive, as he needs to be alive and well to help the world beat Date of Death.

Is there a Manifest season 4 episode 2 trailer?

Netflix did not offer Manifesters a first look at episode 2, but the teaser trailer is expected to be released once the release date of episode 2 is announced. As new episodes are expected to be released in the spring, the announcement is expected to come as soon as possible.

Check out the official trailer for episode 1 in the video below!

Will Manifest be season 5?

Unfortunately, there won't be a Manifest season 5 on Netflix or any other Netflix or streaming service. Don't start a campaign to save the show, because that's already happened. When Netflix recorded Manifest, they ordered the fourth and final season, which consists of 20 episodes divided into two parts.

While Netflix had previously rescued Lucifer and announced that season five was the final season… then ordered the final season, the sixth, so don't expect it to be here. Manifest has already been produced and the cast and crew have finally had the opportunity to tell the full story of Flight 828.