Polycarbonate Sheet Prices 2023

polycarbonate sheet prices varies according to the thickness of the plates. In addition, prices may vary for different types of color polycarbonate sheets.

In this article, we will explain the cost of buying polycarbonate sheets for different purposes.

The price of a polycarbonate sheet is determined by its thickness, size, weight and type. The cost depends on the type of material used in the manufacture of the boards.

Polycarbonate sheets are often used for architectural purposes such as roofs, walls and floors. Their lightweight and extremely durable nature make them an ideal choice for construction projects that require high durability and strength.

✅  4mm Transparent Polycarbonate 650 TL
✅  6mm Transparent Polycarbonate 960 TL
✅  8mm Transparent Polycarbonate 1220 TL
10mm Transparent Polycarbonate 1350 TL
16mm Transparent Polycarbonate 2500 TL

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What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic used in the construction of building materials and other products. It is also known as PC, which stands for polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate has an advantage over other types of plastic as it can be produced in different shapes and forms. This makes it more flexible and easier to use than other plastics.

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic that is usually transparent but can be colored or colored with dyes or pigments. It has excellent heat resistance and impact resistance, making it widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, packaging, etc. makes it ideal for many industries.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

polycarbonate greenhousesis a type of greenhouse made of polycarbonate plastic. They are more cost-effective and lighter than glass structures, but have lower thermal performance.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are becoming popular because they can provide the same level of protection as traditional glass structures, but at a much lower price. This makes them suitable for many applications where cost is a key factor for the company.

Polycarbonate Roof

polycarbonate roofIt is a type of roof made of polycarbonate, an engineering thermoplastic. It is a type of coating used to cover buildings and other structures such as wind turbines and solar panels.

A polycarbonate roof is a type of coating used to cover buildings and other structures such as wind turbines and solar panels. It is made of polycarbonate, an engineering thermoplastic that provides good insulation, durability, impact resistance, low weight and flame resistance. The material can be molded into any shape or size, but comes in sheets that are difficult to cut with conventional tools.

The most common application of this material is the roofs of buildings that protect the building from weather conditions such as rain and snow by providing good insulation without sacrificing aesthetics.

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