Ombudsman Institution to Recruit 6 Personnel

Ombudsman Institution
Ombudsman Institution

The Ombudsman Institution is a constitutional institution included in Article 74 of our Constitution. Pursuant to Article 6328 of the Law No. 5, “The Institution, upon a complaint about the functioning of the administration, shall; It has been tasked with examining, researching and making suggestions to the administration in terms of compliance with law and equity, within the understanding of justice based on human rights.

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Our institution has been carrying on its activities since 2013 as an audit mechanism affiliated to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, acting as the people's advocate and guiding the administration with the decisions it takes, with the principle of ensuring the rule of law, the establishment of good management principles, and an understanding of responsibility towards the public and on the basis of equity. The Ombudsman Institution, which adopts the principle of "Let people live so that the State can live", with the belief that "The best of people are those who benefit people most"; It tries to contribute to the improvement of the service quality of the administration, the development of human rights, the establishment of the rule of law, the spread of the culture of seeking rights, and the formation of a transparent, accountable, people-oriented administration.

Contracted IT Personnel in Large-Scale Information Processing Units of Public Institutions and Organizations published in the Official Gazette dated 375/6/31 and numbered 12, with the Additional Article 2008 of the Decree-Law No. 27097, to be employed in our institution.
In accordance with Article 8 of the Regulation on Principles and Procedures Regarding Employment, 2022 percent (seventy) of the KPSSP3 score obtained in the Public Personnel Selection Exam held in 70 (The KPSS score of the candidate who does not have a KPSS score or does not submit a document is considered as 70 (seventy)) with a YDS or equivalent Based on the sum of 30 percent (thirty) of the score whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council (the foreign language score will be calculated as 0 (zero) for those who do not submit the YDS or equivalent score), starting from the highest score, among the candidates 10 (ten) times the contracted IT staff position. 6 (six) Contracted IT Personnel will be recruited according to the success order of the oral exam to be held by our institution.


a) To have the general conditions written in Article 48 of the Civil Servants Law,

b) Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent Not to be convicted of bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging of performance, laundering property values ​​arising from crime or smuggling,

c) Not to have a disease that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously due to his health status,

d) To graduate from four-year computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and industrial engineering departments of faculties or from higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council,

e) Except for those specified in sub-paragraph (d), from the engineering departments of the faculties that provide four-year education, the departments of science-literature, education and educational sciences, the departments that provide education on computers and technology, and the statistics, mathematics and physics departments or from the dormitories whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council. To graduate from higher education institutions other than those mentioned in this section,

f) At least 3 years for software, software design and development and management of this process or for the installation and management of large-scale network systems, at least 5 years for those up to double, at least 7 years for up to three times, and at least 657 years for up to four times. have years of professional experience. (In determining the professional experience; it is documented that as IT personnel, it is permanent subject to the Law No. 4 or contracted services subject to Subparagraph (B) of Article 399 of the same Law or the Decree-Law No. XNUMX, and in the private sector, as IT personnel by paying premiums to social security institutions.) service periods are taken into account.)

g) To document that they know at least two of the current programming languages, provided that they have knowledge about the hardware of computer environmental sciences and the security of the established network management. (Documents such as approved undergraduate or graduate transcripts stating the programming languages ​​learned as documents or course attendance certificates from educational institutions will be accepted.)

h) To accept the personal rights and other rules specified in the “Regulation on Principles and Procedures Regarding the Employment of Contracted Information Technology Personnel in Large-Scale Information Processing Units of Public Institutions and Organizations”,

i) For male candidates, having completed or exempted from military service,

j) Having the qualifications required by the service, reasoning ability and representation ability, able to keep up with flexible working hours and intense work tempo, prone to teamwork, high communication skills, analytical thinking, inclined to disciplined work,

k) Being able to adapt to the projects developed within the institution, curious to learn new technologies, open to development and solution-oriented,

l) To be able to communicate with the personnel and citizens within the scope of the applications to be included or developed,

m) To provide support and training to teammates when necessary,

n) Giving importance to documentation and doing it regularly,

o) To have knowledge of English at a level to follow the technical literature.


1. Candidates will submit their applications on e-Government through the TGNA Ombudsman Institution-Career Gate Public Recruitment and Career Gate, on ​​between 01.02.2023 and 15.02.2023. Since applications will be received electronically, applications by mail or in person will not be accepted.

2. Candidates can only apply to one of the announced positions, and applications cannot be made to more than one position.

3. Since the applications will be made through, it is obligatory for the candidates to have an e-Government password. Candidates can obtain the envelope containing the e-Government password by applying personally from the PTT Central Directorates, by presenting their ID with the TR Identity Number on it.

4. If the requested information of the candidates is not received via e-Government, they must declare their information and upload their documents in pdf or jpeg format.

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