Konya Metropolitan Established a Playground for Earthquake Victims in Hatay

Konya Buyuksehir Established Playground for Earthquake Victims in Hatay
Konya Metropolitan Established a Playground for Earthquake Victims in Hatay

📩 27/02/2023 15:09

Continuing to contribute to the return of life to normal in Hatay devastated by the earthquake, Konya Metropolitan Municipality has now set up a large playground for children in the Hatay Narlıca Tent City after the Science Truck.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues to support the healing of wounds in Hatay after the earthquake.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said that as Konya, they are working intensively to heal the wounds in Hatay, where life came to a standstill due to earthquake disasters that stifled the whole country. Noting that Konya Metropolitan Municipality, chambers, non-governmental organizations and all the people of Konya have made an effort to be with the people of Hatay since the first day, Mayor Altay said that they are trying to fill all kinds of shortcomings of earthquake victims from search and rescue to logistics, from drinking water supply to energy, from food and shelter to building a container city. He stated that they were working day and night.

Noting that the earthquake especially affected children more, Mayor Altay said, “It is very important to make our children feel better. In this sense, our Science Truck within our Konya Science Center is at the service of our children in the region. In addition, we organize many activities for children in 11 provinces. Now we have set up a large playground in Hatay Narlıca Tent City for our children to have a pleasant time. We are very happy when we see the smiles of our children here. Hopefully, the state and the nation will heal the wounds of the earthquake hand in hand," he said.