Free Internet Support from Izmir to Earthquake Zone 12 February 2023 Sunday

Free Internet Support From Izmir to Earthquake Zone February Sunday
Free Internet Support from Izmir to Earthquake Zone

📩 13/02/2023 10:47

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality installed 1 WizmirNET points, including 6 satellite, for free internet connection for earthquake victims in Osmaniye and Hatay, 10 solar panel energy points for places without generators, a 30 kVA generator and a 250 device capacity charging station.

The aid mobilization initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the disaster area after the earthquake that shook Turkey is growing. While the donations collected in the city are transported to the region by land, sea and air, efforts are made to heal the wounds of the earthquake victims with personnel, construction equipment and vehicles. Necessary studies were also carried out to enable earthquake victims to connect to the free internet. WizmirNET free internet point was established at 6 points in Osmaniye and Hatay. In addition, charging stations were put into operation for charging mobile phones. Internet connection and telephone installation were provided for the firefighters working in the city to communicate with the center. The tent area on the EXPO road in Hatay and the Hatay fire department were equipped with equipment that can charge 250 devices at the same time so that citizens can charge their mobile devices. 10 solar panels (solar panels) and a 30 kVA mobile generator were sent to enable internet and charging station installation in places where there is no generator.

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