Transportation in Bursa is Free for Earthquake Victims

Transportation in Bursa is Free for Earthquake Victims
Transportation in Bursa is Free for Earthquake Victims

📩 15/02/2023 12:54

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will transport earthquake victims coming to Bursa from 10 provinces where the earthquake had a devastating effect, free of charge, on inner city lines. With the 'Sister Card' application, earthquake survivors will benefit from 6 rides per day free of charge.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented important works from search and rescue to infrastructure services in the region to heal the wounds of the earthquake as soon as possible, continues to make the lives of earthquake victims easier with the social projects it has commissioned. The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened a store in Merinos AKKM for the disaster victims who came from the earthquake regions and settled in Bursa, and met all their needs from clothing to hygiene, has now activated the 'Sister Card' application for the urban transportation of the earthquake victims.

6 rides per day

Earthquake survivors coming to Bursa with the sister card, which started the application, will be able to make 6 boarding passes per day free of charge on all bus and metro lines carrying standing passengers in the city. Those who want to benefit from the application will be able to purchase their Kardeş Cards from all card offices of Burulaş. For the application that only earthquake survivors will benefit from, citizens will be asked to provide a photocopy of their residence and ID, which were obtained from the e-government and showing that they are registered in the disaster areas. In addition, a passport photo is required, and the photo can also be taken digitally during the application.

It was stated that the application, which is expected to be valid until March 31 at the first stage, can be extended in line with the needs.

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