Is 2023 YKS Postponed, When Will It Be Held? Will YKS Be Postponed Due to Earthquake?

Will YKS be Postponed or When Will YKS Be Postponed Due to Earthquake?
2023 YKS Postponed, When Will YKS Be Postponed Due to Earthquake?

📩 09/04/2023 17:59

Kahramanmaraş was shaken by two big earthquakes. The earthquake disaster that affected 10 of our cities deeply affected our country. Education and training throughout Turkey has been extended until February 20. In addition, the students who will take the YKS exam started their research on history. Will the YKS be postponed due to the earthquake? the question was raised. Here are the questions about the 2023 YKS application and exam dates.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer made a statement regarding the decisions taken in the field of education after the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş. Özer said, “We will do LGS only from the first semester subjects of the 8th grade. Again in YKS 12th class II. term topics will not be included in the exam.” said.

Noting that after the great disaster, the state is trying to ensure a rapid recovery in cooperation with the citizens by using all its means, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said that as the Ministry, they make efforts to bring all children to their schools in a safe and healthy way.

Reminding that education was suspended all over Turkey until February 20, Özer stated that although there was no problem related to the earthquake in 71 provinces, the reason for this interruption was that "all teachers and the national education community are in a state of mobilization to heal the wounds in 10 provinces".

Özer stated that as the Ministry of National Education, hot meals were distributed to 945 thousand 215 people and soup for 196 thousand 100 people in the region daily, and a total of 1 million 141 thousand 315 people were served hot food. Noting that 1 million breads are produced daily in bread production workshops established in vocational high schools and delivered to earthquake victims, Özer said:

“We provide accommodation services to approximately 450 thousand citizens in schools, hostels, dormitories and teacher's houses affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Again, the search and rescue team of approximately 5 thousand people, affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, supports AFAD in all our provinces and supports search and rescue efforts. Our 2 teachers are actively working in the field to provide psychological support to our citizens in ten provinces. Tens of thousands of volunteer teachers from other provinces are also actively working in the field, both in the organizations, in the organization of tents and gathering places, and in the sorting of incoming materials. In other words, not only in 10 provinces, but also the entire national education community in 81 provinces mobilized to heal the wounds of 10 provinces. Therefore, if we had not interrupted education in 81 provinces, there would have been disruptions related to these other logistics supports. That is why we carry out this process in 71 provinces in a coordinated manner. We will withdraw as other units gradually step in.” said.

Reminding that attendance will not be required in all classes and levels in the second term in 10 provinces, and that families in the earthquake zone can transfer their students to different provinces if they wish, Özer explained the new decisions taken regarding LGS and YKS to be held this year:

“Only the subjects of the first semester of the 8th grade will be included in LGS. So the second semester of 8th grade will not be included. Again, in YKS, the second semester subjects of the 12th grade will not be included in the exam. Let me share this with the public. We, as the Ministry, are trying our best to bring all our schools together with our children as quickly as possible.”

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