14 Trucks Carrying Educational Materials to TRNC Depart from Ankara

The Truck Carrying Educational Materials to the TRNC Departed from Ankara
14 Trucks Carrying Educational Materials to TRNC Depart from Ankara

Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer and TRNC Minister of Education Nazım Çavuşoğlu attended the farewell ceremony for the trucks carrying educational materials within the scope of the 'Turkey-TRNC Hand in Hand, Forward in Education' project at the Lesson Tools Production Center.

As part of the “Turkey-TRNC Hand in Hand, Moving Forward in Education” project, the farewell ceremony for the trucks that will carry educational materials was held at the Lesson Tools Production Center in Ankara's Elmadağ district. Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer and TRNC Education Minister Nazım Çavuşoğlu attended the program organized in the context of cooperation talks between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the field of education.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice President Oktay stated that the participants listening to him are valuable veterans who meet the needs of all schools and educational institutions in Turkey. Oktay emphasized that all kinds of materials needed by the students in the TRNC were sent off rather than the number of trucks sent.

Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vice President Oktay stated that they are and will be by the TRNC's side in every field from education to health, from transportation to energy and agriculture and said, “Works are carried out in many areas from improving the education infrastructure to strengthening the teaching staff, putting new methods into practice and developing student skills. We are aware of the critical importance of education in the development struggle of the Turkish Cypriot State.” said.

Oktay said: "The future of the Turkish Cypriot State is our children and youth, who are at the age of education today. It is extremely important for our Turkish Cypriot youth to be qualified, to receive quality education, and to develop in science, art, culture and sports. Our aim; To raise moral and virtuous young people who read, research, question, produce added value. In addition to their analytical and scientific development, the more we strengthen them nationally and spiritually, the brighter the future of the Turkish Cypriot State will be. When we look at the current education structure in the Turkish Cypriot State, the professional development of teachers and the deficiencies in the curriculum come to the fore.

Support will be provided for the TRNC to access quality education

In this context, Oktay stated that support will be provided for Turkish Cypriots to reach quality education at all levels of education and training, starting from pre-school education, and concluded his speech with the following words: The Turkish Cypriot Ministry of National Education and our Ministry of National Education are close partners between different units, from vocational education to lifelong learning. The sharing of guidance and experience continues. Our Board of Education and Discipline, which designs the educational contents, shows the same effort it has made for the material contents in our country, for the educational contents of the Turkish Cypriot State. Again, the relations between our children, teachers and school administrators are also developing with the cooperation of sister schools. The educational material support we send today is a good example of Turkey-Cyprus education cooperation. There are thousands of works and materials, from pre-school education kits to smart boards, from vocational education equipment systems to supplementary books, in the fourteen trucks that we will send off to Turkish Cypriots today, but the most important thing is that these trucks carry the unity of heart, cultural unity of our nation and Turkish Cypriots, and our voice flag, Turkish. We will continue to stand by the Turkish Cypriot State and shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish Cypriot people, regardless of the circumstances. I hope that the materials sent with these feelings will reach the Turkish Cypriot State as soon as possible, and I wish that the educational materials will be beneficial for our Turkish Cypriot children. I heartily congratulate those who contributed to the work carried out, especially our Minister of National Education, Mr. Mahmut Özer and his team.”

“We promised to meet the needs of all schools in the TRNC during our visit to the TRNC”

During his visit to the TRNC last week, he said, “There is no need to explain the meaning of the TRNC for the State of the Republic of Turkey. As the Ministry, we are ready to take every step so that our precious puppies in the TRNC can receive a more qualified education.” Using his words, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer pointed out that the capacity of the Instructional Instruments Production Center has been expanded day by day and that all schools in the education system have come to the point of producing educational materials. Pointing out that this is a very exceptional situation, Özer said, “The friends here work hard day and night to meet the needs of our schools and those of our offspring. They work with great dedication. Of course, our production line is not just here. This is a coordination center. Some productions are made here, but we mainly produce in all vocational training schools in Turkey.” he said.

In this context, Özer noted that the capacity in vocational training has been increased very seriously and said that 2022 was closed with a production turnover of 2,3 billion liras. Özer said, “We have stated the target for 2023 as 3 billion liras, but the target in our hearts is to reach a production capacity of 5 billion liras. Thus, our students will strengthen their skills by producing and doing, and they will increase the needs and production capacity of our country.” said.

Özer continued his words as follows: “Reiterating that they promised to meet the needs of all schools in the TRNC during their visit to the TRNC, “First of all, we are sending off everything we promised with 14 trucks today. Our Honorable Vice President Fuat Oktay has always helped us to meet the needs of the TRNC. We are grateful to them and thank all their colleagues.”

Speaking at the ceremony, the TRNC Minister of Education Nazım Çavuşoğlu expressed his pride in being a part of the project, which is a continuation of the recent talks. “It is our duty to develop the TRNC. Turkey, as it did until today, gives everything it has to the TRNC.” said Çavuşoğlu; He noted that as the TRNC Ministry of Education, they are struggling to raise a healthy, strong and devoted generation with the Republic of Turkey. Çavuşoğlu thanked those who contributed to the project, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vice President Fuat Oktay and Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer.

After the speeches, 14 trucks that will go from Ankara to the TRNC were sent off with applause. Afterwards, examinations were made in the Ateliers of the Instructional Instruments Production Center. Making a statement after the examinations, Vice President Oktay stated that they saw how the course materials are made on site, and that in addition to this center with its 250 employees, there are 238 other centers equipped with similar and more advanced technologies under the Ministry of National Education.

Oktay said, “All kinds of course materials that we need from primary education to high school, from ruler to world map, from physics and chemistry laboratories to any laboratory are produced here. It is provided on the desks of our children, in their laboratories and wherever they are needed in the school. We have unnamed heroes here, we have friends who produce these course materials and forward them to our children's labs and forward them directly to their classrooms. So there is a very serious effort.” shared his knowledge.

Expressing that he was very impressed with the secondary school physics textbook prepared especially for the visually impaired, Oktay said, “Even if a single citizen needs it in Turkey or anywhere in the world, this book is published here. It passes quality control and is delivered. A magnificent effort and sensitivity… This is also an indication of the sensitivity we give to education under the leadership of our President, and all these tools are delivered to the classrooms free of charge. We were extremely happy to see this, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends who work here on behalf of our entire nation, on behalf of our President, because we know that the future of Turkey is on the shoulders of today's youth, today's children, today's children. This is how we will march into the Century of Turkey.” said.

Oktay said: “Today, we received another good news here. This facility, which has been moving here since 2005 and continues its activities, will be modernized. With more advanced technologies, this place will be modernized both as a building and as materials and equipment. Let me give the good news to our colleagues working here. So this is a place where advanced technologies are also used. It is a computer-aided center where both design and production are made, but beyond that, it is a center where they make these materials and some of the machines they print are also manufactured by them. Thank you, Mr. Minister, health to your efforts, health to your heart. Similarly, in our vocational high schools, we now know that each of our vocational high schools both produces and earns with it. They also earn from what they produce in their own schools, laboratories and at an individual level. They even started to manufacture the machines for the things they made and produced. Our vocational high schools are also in a very serious transformation. For that, I once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Minister Özer presented Vice President Oktay with a gift adapted from the Green Mosque dome pattern and prepared by the Bursa Maturation Institute with the pencil work technique. On the other hand, Turkey's Ambassador to the TRNC Metin Feyzioğlu and the TRNC's Ambassador to Turkey İsmet Korukoğlu were also present at the ceremony.

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