End of Year Deal for a New DS

End of Year Deal for a New DS
End of Year Deal for a New DS

DS Automobiles continues to crown the advantageous sales conditions of its elegant models, which differ from their competitors with the noble materials, high comfort and technology they use in the premium segment, in December as well. DS 4, which distinguishes itself with its unrivaled and charismatic design arising from the meeting of unique expertise with high technology, took its place in the showrooms with the opportunity of a 300-month maturity loan of 12% for 0,99 thousand TL. DS Automobiles' big sedan model DS 9 draws attention with its 300-month term loan option with 12% interest for 0,99 thousand TL for those who want to have an exclusive look and innovative technologies in a single car.

DS Automobiles, the definition of futuristic elegance, flawless line and technological perfection, offers attractive purchase offers for those who want to have the DS privilege. Within the scope of DS Automobiles' December offers; DS 4, which has a flawless silhouette that impresses car lovers at first sight with its special design, awaits those who want to own a car with a brand new design concept in the compact hatchback class, with a 300-month maturity loan of 12%.

The elegant sedan model DS 9, which appeals to those who want to have a distinguished design with innovative technologies, also offers a very special loan opportunity with a 300-month maturity of 12% for 0,99 thousand TL.

Compact hatchback with modern SUV Coupe

DS Automobiles, the definition of futuristic elegance, flawless lines and technological perfection, continues to strengthen its position in the premium automobile world with its brand new models. Continuing to increase its market share in the premium segment worldwide, DS Automobiles accelerates its development with the new DS 4. DS 4 brings a brand new design concept to its users in the compact hatchback class. It proves this with its dimensions; With a width of 1,83 meters and large 20 mm wheels with a choice of light alloy wheels up to 720 inches, the compact length of 4,40 meters and a height of 1,47 meters give the car an impressive appearance. The profile combines fluidity with sharp lines. Hidden door handles harmonize with the sculptural surfaces in the side design. The ratio of the body design to the large wheels with aerodynamic design and 19-inch wheels comes from the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept. Thanks to this, the car has a magnificent and special appearance. At the rear, the roof reaches far down with the steep curve of the enamel-printed rear window, which is a testament to technical know-how. The silhouette is as elegant as it is aerodynamically effective. The rear fenders reveal a fit and strong design with their black sharp corners emphasizing the curves and the C-pillar and bearing the DS logo. At the back, there is a new generation original lighting group with laser embossed flake effect. DS 4 draws attention with its special design that will increase the premium car feeling it gives from the outside, even higher when you move to the interior.

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