What You Didn't Know About Epilepsy

Don't Know About Epilepsy
What You Didn't Know About Epilepsy

Şanlıurfa Provincial Health Directorate Balıklıgöl State Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Serkan Topçu told about the unknown about Epilepsy (Sara Disease). Epilepsy, also known as epilepsy among the people, manifests itself when cells in one part of the brain send an abnormal electrical signal.

Şanlıurfa Provincial Health Directorate Balıklıgöl State Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Stating that epilepsy is a chronic disease, Serkan Topçu said, “Epilepsy disease, which develops in people who have brain damage during birth or later for any reason, is a chronic (long-term) disease that affects approximately 1% of our country. This disease occurs with epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures, which appear suddenly, spread to the whole or a certain part of the brain. Seizure types vary depending on which part of the brain it begins. Loss of consciousness and uncontrolled body movements can be seen in some epileptic seizures, while some are felt with faint symptoms. said.

Neurologist Dr. In his statement, Serkan Topçu said, “Epilepsy disease can actually be a clinical diagnosis, body movements that we witness from the outside that the patient experiences, a change in consciousness. It's a diagnosed disease. There are some patients who do not come to the outpatient clinic, considering it to be an ordinary disease, due to the fact that it is not suitable for the patient and the findings are not typical epilepsy findings, although they are epileptic patients.

There are many patients whose diagnosis is overlooked in this way. In epileptic patients, the whole body may not be convulsing, trembling, fainting, or foaming at the mouth, looking to one side and not changing consciousness. Sometimes, there may be a break in the sentence, forgetting words, and seizures in the style of distraction and immersion while talking while sitting. Sometimes, patients may even startle with a sound and a light, and even jump.” used the phrases.

'EEG recording is one of our sine qua non for the diagnosis of epilepsy.' said Dr. Serkan Topçu said, “Some patients may apply to us with the feeling that I am going to vomit. We refer to EEG for diagnostic purposes when there is a slight change in consciousness, accompanied by a change in consciousness, or nothing else compatible with other diseases that may cause it. EEG recording is one of the sine qua non for the diagnosis of epilepsy. We also have other diagnostic methods. Some of our values, which we can support with a blood test, may be a type of mass, cerebral vascular occlusion, cerebral hemorrhage, or a congenital developmental anomaly that may cause brain MRI. We determine the reason for this and arrange a treatment accordingly, and regular follow-up, especially in patients, may be started after the diagnosis and not always go to the same treatment. It is an important disease that we should follow up at certain intervals and take it with regular follow-ups in cooperation with the patient and their relatives in terms of drug dosage, number of drugs or whether the drug is discontinued.

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