Strict Control of the Service Quality of Taxis in Istanbul

Strict Control of the Service Quality of Taxis in Istanbul
Strict Control of the Service Quality of Taxis in Istanbul

📩 06/12/2022 13:14

IMM, which has converted 2 thousand 125 minibuses and minibuses into taxis to solve the chronic taxi problem of Istanbul, also strictly monitors the service quality of existing taxis. Taxis are penalized for faulty practices over the Public Transportation Service Quality Assessment System (TUDES). In the first 2022 months of 10, a total of 63 complaints regarding taxis were submitted. 844 thousand 28 of the complaints were proved by the Resolution Center. While sanctions were imposed on 467 thousand 14 complaints, a total of 93 thousand 10 fines were imposed on 696 thousand 42 different vehicles.

According to the information prepared by TUDES within the IMM Department of Transportation, 3 thousand 935 complaints were proven with visuals and social media posts. 592 taxi drivers were fined for reasons such as choosing roads and passengers, and not picking up passengers in short distances. In 2022, 2 vehicles that violated passenger selection were banned from traffic for 27 days upon detection by the police and the police, and their working licenses were suspended. Of the drivers, 10 were sentenced for alcohol use, 70 for drug use, 34 for assault and 25 for misconduct.


Sanctions were imposed on 2 drivers who waited on the vehicle road and did not receive passengers. While 330 penalties were applied for transportation with a driver who is not registered in the permit, 256 sanctions were imposed due to activities that would damage the tourism image of the city and the selection of passengers.


The taxi driver's Public Transport Vehicle Usage Certificate is suspended for 20 days in the first violation and indefinitely in the second violation. 10 penalty points are deducted from the relevant permits of the vehicles, and the vehicle that fills a total of 100 points is banned from traffic for one week. In cases where there is no proof, necessary warnings are made by calling the taxi drivers by the Public Transportation Services Center (TUHİM) or by calling the Public Transportation Control and Management Center. In case of detection of vehicles that do not have a Permit or work despite its expiration date, their vehicles are banned from traffic until they receive a new certificate. Vehicles are monitored 24 hours a day by İBB TUHİM field inspection cameras.


In the past days, at the IMM UKOME Meeting, it was decided to convert one thousand 803 minibuses and 322 minibuses into taxis. In January 2023, drivers who are not satisfied with their lines will be able to apply. A lottery will be drawn. Drivers who have earned the right to a new taxi will be charged excessive fees or if they do not comply with the dress code to be determined, their rights will be revoked. Taxis whose minibus is converted into a taxi will not be sold for 3 years.


Minibus taxis cost 30 percent more than other taxis, minibus taxis provide more comfortable and safe transportation. In addition, it has an 8+1 disabled ramp vehicle structure. Minibus taxis consume more fuel than existing taxis. Some commitments were made in favor of Istanbulites for new vehicles and drivers. Security section, information screen, camera and vehicle tracking system are mandatory in taxis. In addition, taxi owners, who will have different payment options such as Istanbul Kart Integrated and credit card, will sign a commitment to comply with the determined rules. Trainings such as Transportation Legislation, Istanbul City Information, Communication Training, Foreign Language, Navigation Reading will be given to the drivers. In addition, a standard will be set in terms of behavior and clothing.

Mandatory Commitments are as follows:

In case of unfair gain or selection of passengers;
In the first, the relevant permit is suspended for 30 days.
In the second, the relevant permit is suspended for 180 days.
In the third, the rights obtained from the transformation are revoked.

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