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With the emergence of the first black and white film, a great revolution began. Black and white films laid the foundations of today's advanced cinema universe. These films, which are the beginnings of cinema, gave people more ideas about this subject. After that, the concept of cinema showed a great development, which lasted until today's legendary films. This development is not just a development that covers image quality. Of course, the first motion pictures have nothing to do with what is presented to us now in terms of appearance. First films watch right now it would be like looking at black and white photos from our grandparents' albums. Now, movies offer us something completely different than the image. Currently, some films by category even manage to take us to other worlds.

When a moviegoer is asked why we watch a movie, there are many answers to this question. People no longer watch movies just for fun and to kill time. Because some films aim to add much more to us, and they succeed in doing so. Fantastic film People who love to watch generally like magical and magical things. This is why they generally prefer movies of this genre. Viewers who want to learn something and have knowledge about some subjects are generally psychology, drama, history, sports and in similar categories, they can find something for themselves. Films of this genre generally include more serious topics and provide information about real life. While doing this, they try to do the best without boring people.

This information work is not limited to our own history, culture and people. Because there has been a lot of development lately. online websiteThey provide this convenience for us and enable us to watch foreign films with the same ease. Thanks to these sites, foreign films come out with the option of Turkish dubbing or subtitle sources. This allows us to watch any movie easily, no matter what country it is from and what language it speaks.

However, online platforms Watch the movie aims to offer the best quality to those who want it. For this, films in general HD, 4K ve 1080p with titles such as This is a feature that makes watching movies even better. And we do not need to pay a certain fee to access this opportunity. In this case, the only thing that the sites expect from the audience is to search and find the movie that suits their wishes, then turn on the movie, sit back and enjoy the movie. You can open movies on sites that develop all these features for moviegoers. watchIt is very easy to work with and it is a feature that people of all ages can easily achieve. At the same time, you can access online sites not only from your computer, but also from your wider-screen televisions, and you can get one step closer to popular cinema environments.

Youth Fever Series

Youth Fever, which first entered the cinemas in 2000, is a US-made youth comedy. After the first film of the Youth Fever series directed by Peyton Reed, it brought the audience together with five more films. The film, which received great acclaim in a short time, has become a cult among youth comedies. The first movie follows a group of high school students as they enter a national cheerleading competition. The interesting thing about the movie is films It is a successful transfer to the audience, although none of the actors will take part in the next films.

Youth Fever (2000)

Toro, the successful cheerleading team of Rancho Carne high school in San Diego, aims to achieve success for the sixth time in the national cheerleading competition, which they managed to win five times in a row in previous years. However, the team's new leader, Torrance, realizes that the dance moves that had won the team's first place in previous years were actually stolen from another school in East Compton. After that, Torrance, who thinks that they should win the competition with their own unique moves, will put his team into a hard work process. Meanwhile, Clovers, the other team that will participate in the competition, will try to collect enough money to go to the championship.

Youth Fever: The Big Rivalry (2004)

Outside of Rancho Carne High's talented soccer team, there's a cheerleading band that is critically acclaimed by the audience. These cheerleaders, who make their teams ambitious with their dance, have increased their reputation day by day and have become almost more famous than their football teams. The girls' next goal is to once again win the cheerleading competition, which they won five times in a row. However, after a while, the girls find themselves in a big dilemma when it is learned that the dance moves that helped the girls win the competitions were stolen from a hip-hop group.

Youth Fever: All or Nothing (2006)

Britney Alley, captain of Pacific Vista High's cheerleading team, is also with the star player on the high school football team. Britney, who attracts great attention from her surroundings, leads a perfect life with everything. However, one day, his perfect life begins to turn upside down when he leaves with his father, who had to leave the city due to his job. Having difficulty adjusting to her new school and being ostracized by the school, Britney will try to prove herself to everyone by using her talent in cheerleading.

Youth Fever: Giving Your Hard To Win (2007)

Bold and assertive, the East Coast Jets have become the hottest cheerleading squad of recent years, with their talent and compelling dance moves. In this process, the girls who managed to win the Cheerleader Championship were adding to their fame. But this time, they're faced with a cheerleading squad that's pushing them harder than ever before. An enthusiastic cheerleader team, the West Coast Sharks fight to claim the most successful cheerleading crown from the East Coast Jets.

Youth Fever: Fight to Win (2009)

Lina Cruz, the hottest student of Los Angeles high school, is a cool and talented cheerleader. After Lina lost her father, her mother married a wealthy man and had to move to the west side of Los Angeles. Lisa, who doesn't know anyone in her new high school, has great problems to get used to her environment in this process. Thinking she needs to prove herself at her new school, Lisa gets into a big rivalry with the school's star cheerleader and cool girl Avery.

Youth Fever 6: Worldwide (2017)

The captain of the cheerleading team The Rebels, which has won the three-time National Cheerleading Challenge, is a high school student who is as beautiful as she is talented. Destiny, who hasn't been in competition with a cheerleading team close to them for a long time, considers herself the number one cheerleading leader nationwide. Until an ambitious cheerleader team called The Truth shows up. Accepting the challenge of The Truth team, Destiny will do her best to win the virtual battle organized by an internet phenomenon named Cheer Goddess.

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