Computer Acceleration and FPS Increasing Methods

Computer Speed ​​Up and FPS Increasing Methods

A slow computer is not something that anyone classifies. Slowdown is observed in games, business programs (AutoCAD, Microsoft 365 products, etc.) and even in search engines that form the backbone of the internet.

Why Does Computer Slow Down?

The reason why computers slow down in general may be due to many reasons. But the most important are the applications that run in the background. Generally; There are many reasons such as cookies downloaded unintentionally from search engines, applications sitting on the computer's disk and taking up free space, viruses infecting the computer.

Making Sure Your Computer Isn't Infected With a Virus

The healthiest method for the computer is to obtain one on the internet, where there are many computer protection software. These; There are Avast, Kasperesky, Panda, Bitdefender, Avira and many similar applications. You can scan for viruses using any of these software.

Disk Cleanup

It is the deletion of data and programs that are on the computer's disk, unused or half deleted, unnecessarily on the disk.

Respectively; After accessing Run from the Start menu, typing Cleanmgr and saying enter, you can reach the disk cleaner and perform the deletion process.

  Updating/Refreshing Your Computer's Start Time

Some applications start working directly from the start of your computer. This affects the boot time of the computer, that is, slows it down.

Note: Computer with SSD is faster than computer with HDD.

Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and click the Startup tab from the screen. Under the status tab on the right, close the active programs by deciding whether to open them according to you and speed up your computer while booting.

Legacy Hardware

The fact that the computer is old, the hardware in it cannot keep up with today's technology, the old RAMs, the old cables and even the motherboard slows the computer down.

Computer Location

If dust, which is an external factor that is the enemy of the computer, accumulates on the gaps, fans and cables that provide the air flow inside the computer, the performance of the computer decreases. Therefore, we should use computers in a clean place, without closing the air gaps and by cleaning/cleaning them frequently.

Uninstallable Programs and Files

You may have deleted an unwanted file by wrong application. Applications that you think you deleted may still be on the computer. The solution is CCleaner etc. To perform control and deletion operations using programs.

FPS Boost

FPS (Frames Per Second), that is, the frame rate per second, which is of great importance when playing games, is critical for players. There are many ways to increase FPS (especially in competitive games) Let's talk about them.

  • Adjusting computer power settings,
  • video card driver update,
  •  Turning off windows visual effects as an option,
  • Just run the game or application you want to have high FPS,
  •  Lowering the graphics settings
  •  Upgrade RAM (must be compatible with computer)
  •  update the driver.

 How to Measure FPS?

There are some applications and programs that are frequently used in measuring FPS. For example, the FRAPS program. You can easily control the FPS values by projecting the image of the FPS value on the screen from within this program.

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