'Brother Fist' Exercise from Turkey and Azerbaijan

Joint Exercise from Turkey and Azerbaijan
Joint Exercise from Turkey and Azerbaijan

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, together with Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Naval Forces Commander Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu and Air Forces Commander General Atilla Gülan, with "Brother Fist" Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint Exercise "Distinguished Observer Day" ” followed its activities.

Addressing the two army personnel after the activity that took place in the Pirekeşkul Exercise Area and followed by the Azerbaijani Defense Minister General Zakir Hasanov, Minister Akar drew attention to the fact that we are passing through a critical period in which uncertainty, risks, threats and dangers have increased in the world and in the region.

“In this sensitive process, ensuring the security of our countries and our nation is possible only if we have an effective, deterrent and respected army.” Minister Akar emphasized that the presence of well-trained personnel who can use these opportunities, as well as modern warfare weapons, tools and equipment, is an essential need for a strong army.

Describing the exercises as the most effective way of training the personnel according to the conditions of the operational environment, Minister Akar said, “The personnel learn, consolidate and gain experience through practice, what, where, when and how to do in wartime. In particular, the exercises carried out jointly and jointly maximize the ability of the armies to work together, coordinate and prepare for war. As a matter of fact, we consider this exercise carried out jointly by the Turkish Armed Forces and the friendly and brotherly Azerbaijani army as extremely meaningful and beneficial. With the exercise, the strength and determination of the Armed Forces of the two countries to protect the rights and interests of our countries was most clearly demonstrated. used his statements.

Stating that such activities strengthen the relations between the two brotherly countries with a common culture and deep historical ties, Minister Akar said:

“Turkey and Azerbaijan are two mutually exclusive countries. They are together in sorrow and joy against all kinds of threats and dangers. The whole world once again saw and realized the best example of the brotherhood between us during the 'One Homeland Operation', when you liberated your own lands that were under Armenian occupation for 30 years. As a result of this glorious struggle of 44 days, you won a great victory not only against Armenia, but also against those who for years turned a blind eye to injustice, lawlessness and a deadlock in these lands and remained silent, you showed the power of the Turks to the whole world. Thanks to this victory, which was achieved as a result of 30 years of persistence, belief and determination, hopes for peace and stability have blossomed in the region for the first time in many years.”


Minister Akar conveyed his wishes for mercy to the martyrs, who had the greatest share in the liberation of Karabakh, and healing to the veterans, and said:

“Several individuals and international organizations, especially the EU, which for years remained passive and silent even in the massacres and condemned the problems to insolvency, immediately after the victory of Azerbaijan, hastily started to send various elements and delegations to the region with the motive of protecting Armenia. However, no one should ever forget that Turkey is always with Azerbaijan. We would like to emphasize once again that with Azerbaijan, where we have the understanding of 'two states, one nation', we know how to be one army, one power, one punch when necessary. We accept that the threat or provocation against Turkey and Azerbaijan is directed at both countries, no matter where or from whom they come. We see our friend as a friend together, and we see our enemy as an enemy together. Let no one doubt that. Everyone should know that the region no longer needs a future built on conflict, grudge and hatred, but a future built on mutual development, respect for international law and friendly relations.

Stating that our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev made great efforts for peace, tranquility and stability in the region with the astute leadership, Minister Akar said, “These efforts of our leaders for lasting peace and tranquility should be supported by everyone. It is our sincere wish that Armenia will hold the hand of peace extended by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Therefore, we support sincere efforts to establish lasting peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.” said.


Touching on the issue of opening the Zangezur connection between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan, Minister Akar said:

“It is our most sincere wish to re-establish the railway and road connections in the region, especially the opening of the Zangezur connection, to start economic activities and to ensure a comprehensive normalization in the region, including the relations between Azerbaijan-Armenia and Turkey-Armenia. Thus, we believe that the Caucasus region will walk in peace and confidently into the future. For this purpose, we expect other actors in the region to contribute to the formation of a prosperous future where cooperation and solidarity between countries are ensured. As a result, Turkey stands by Azerbaijan, as it has always been, and will continue to stand by it. Our brotherhood is eternal.”

Minister Akar conveyed his wishes of success to the heroic members of the two armies, who served with heroism and self-sacrifice on land, sea and air, in difficult terrain and climatic conditions, and said, "Long live the brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Get your ham and salami." finished with his words.

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