BİM Executive Board Member Who is Galip Aykaç, Where Is He From, How Old Is He?

BIM Executive Board Member Who is Galip Aykac How old is he?
BİM Executive Board Member Who is Galip Aykaç, Where is he from, How old is he?

Galip Aykaç, Member of the Executive Board of BİM, one of the market chains that AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused of hoarding and targeted by saying '3 letters', made a statement. BİM Executive Board Member, who is among the prominent names of the day, is among the most researched people in search engines. So, who is Galip Aykaç, where is he from and how old is he? Here are the questions about Galip Aykaç, Member of the Executive Board of BİM…

BİM Executive Board Member Galip Aykaç said to President Erdoğan, who said, “We will tighten the controls on chain markets,” and said, “There is cost inflation in production. "These conversations are speculative unless we are addressing cost inflation," he replied.

Who is Galip Aykaç?

Galip Aykaç was born in 1957 in Yozgat. Aykaç became the General Manager of BİM Purchasing in 1997. Aykaç, who became the Chairman of the BİM Operations Committee in 2007, is also a Member of the Executive Board of BİM. Galip Aykaç, who is the President of the Food Retailers Association, also serves as the Vice Chairman of the All Shopping Centers and Retailers Federation. Receiving the Most Successful Professional Manager Award of 2010 at the Retail Sun awards, Aykaç was ranked 2013rd in the most successful business people of 2014 and 3 selected by Fortune magazine.

Aykaç received the "Company with the Most Trademark Applications" award at the 2015th Turkish Patent Awards in 4, with BİM Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş. took on his behalf. Aykaç received his award from AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

What Did Galip Aykaç Say?

Galip Aykaç, President of the Food Retailers Association and Member of the Executive Board of BİM, one of the market chains that Erdoğan accused of hoarding and said 'with 3 letters', said, “We will look for ways to eliminate price differences. There are differences in the economy in many units, we will follow up by establishing the Price Stability Committee. We will tighten the controls on chain markets," he replied to Erdogan.

Commenting on Bloomberg HT, Aykaç said, “The reason why the subject of exorbitant prices is so high on the agenda is the high inflation rates.” There is actually cost inflation in production here. Unless we're addressing cost inflation, these conversations are speculative. Many of our businesses are making losses, and the profit-making ones have a margin of 0-4 percent. We do not expect any penalties for BİM," he said.

Aykaç said, “If we are to be self-sufficient, we should reduce our dependence on foreign sources. We have to develop agriculture and increase animal husbandry. The things that are tried to be affixed to us need to be looked at proportionally, not nominally. On behalf of my company, I can say that if they examine the 5-year balance sheet of BİM, there is no increase in the profit margin. Other companies are in the same situation,” he said.

Making a call to the Competition Authority, Aykaç said:

We do not have a problem with the tightening of the controls, if there is, we see our shortcomings. There is unfair competition in this country. Let's send a message to the Competition Authority. It is said that Turkey is the 3rd country producing counterfeit products. Let's find a solution to this. There seems to be a contraction in supply, and I feel it is reflected in prices. Today, there are more than 150 local markets in Turkey that have not kept up with the times.

We are a company with over 75 employees. There are a serious number of employees stuck with EYT. Income group in Turkey is divided into upper and lower. A minimum wage rate that will meet expectations would be fair. Businesses will be in expectation from the state regarding the minimum wage.

I expect a dramatic decline in inflation after March-April.

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