'Our Home Istanbul Kindergarten' Opened at İSKİ Headquarters Campus

Our Home in ISKI Headquarters Campus, Istanbul Kresi Opened
'Our Home Istanbul Kindergarten' Opened at İSKİ Headquarters Campus

İSKİ, the well-established institution of IMM, opened the Istanbul Nursery, Our Home, which was built in the Headquarters Campus. Speaking at the opening ceremony, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğluHe said, "We are doing business with a management based on merit, with a clean and, believe me, a very fruitful budget that no political calculations, no focus of interest can and will never pollute." Emphasizing the importance of having a state policy for all children in our country to receive pre-school education, İmamoğlu said, “This will be a very important and huge project for our country. This puts a truly valuable goal before our country. It's not comparable to anything. In other words, if you build 'Canal Istanbul' worth 10 billion liras, it wouldn't make any sense.

İSKİ, the long-established institution of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), opened the Istanbul Nursery, our İSKİ Home, within the scope of the “150 Projects in 150 Days” marathon. The nursery located in the İSKİ General Directorate Campus in Eyüpsultan; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwas put into service with a ceremony attended by CHP deputies Özgür Karabat and Turan Aydoğan and İSKİ General Manager Şafak Başa. İBB President İmamoğlu made a speech at the ceremony.


Saying, “We offer a different service to our citizens every day in every corner of Istanbul, and we find a solution to a different problem, we find a solution to a different problem,” said İmamoğlu. We operate with a very generous budget. Among all the works we do, each job has its own value, a value it adds to that environment. But the place of the nursery is different. For me, in my eyes, it has a very special, very spiritual dimension. I can't even describe how thousands of children and thousands of families overcame such a challenge thanks to the kindergartens we opened, and how many times more ready our children started life with the pre-school education. With the kindergartens we opened in the neighborhoods in our city, we are also fighting to eliminate the inequality among children.”


Emphasizing that the number of kindergartens in IMM in the previous period was “a huge zero”, İmamoğlu said, “A child who does not get that opportunity of pre-school education is actually punished for that inequality for life, he is exposed to that inequality. And believe that our children who graduated from here; a good educator, a good scientist, a good business person, a good person will turn into a person who has a talent in a different subject. We will try to do this together. But it is a tragic situation that a child that we do not give equal opportunity will cause, the damage it will cause to this country and even the world, you calculate. If you want to invest in a country or a society, the biggest investment, both materially and spiritually, is the education investment for children.


Emphasizing the importance of having a state policy for all children in our country to receive pre-school education, İmamoğlu said, “This will be a very important and huge project for our country. This puts a truly valuable goal before our country. It's not comparable to anything. In other words, if you build 'Canal Istanbul' worth 10 billion liras, it wouldn't make any sense. When you prepare the generation for the future with a good education, creative ideas from there, investors who will change Turkey and the world from there, productive generations will bring our country to a completely different dimension. Citing Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin, who went to Germany from Turkey and succeeded in developing the Kovid-19 vaccine here, as examples, İmamoğlu said, “When our people are given the opportunity, nothing can stand in their way. If our people are given science and education in the real sense, believe me, they have the ability to bring their reward to this nation, this society and the whole world. In that respect, in the process of defining this process as state policy, the most important project presented to our nation, let me express clearly and clearly from today's government; I don't have any expectations. Therefore, I cannot expect the view of the people who have been managing Istanbul for years to offer us such an opportunity in such a process. I wish it was," he said.


Saying, “Here is an example of what happens when the beautiful people of this beautiful country and this beautiful country are given the opportunity and contributed to the education process,” said İmamoğlu. If I can be the Mayor of an important city, do not forget that the Republic is the basis of this blessing. We have to applaud the republic. Republic means giving equal opportunity to everyone living in this land. A republic means seeing it as an honorable duty to give equal opportunity to every individual in this country. As we go to the 100th anniversary of our Republic, let's underline that each of us should remember this responsibility and represent it.


Saying, “I am very pleased to work with people who are qualified and do their job well,” İmamoğlu said:

“We will continue to make a difference with our speed and ability to do business. To our 16 million people, as we enter the 100th year of our Republic, we will continue to take new steps with honor and hope. And let me say this: In order to create a truly fertile budget for this city, we have closed all the places where the fugitives are, and we continue to do so, it is not easy. We will not put the interests of any person or individual before the interests of our people. The happiness of this country, this nation is essential, not the happiness of a group of people or a handful of people. We will be very sensitive to this on this journey. And this will be a great recovery period. This good state of Istanbul, this state of recovery, you will see, will also be good for our country. We are aware of our responsibility. The success of our task at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the six-tee table, the cooperation of our Chairman, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and other leaders, and the success of the skills, success and good work examples in Istanbul, how much they affect their work. will facilitate; we are fully aware of that. God forbid. May he always grant us to create good works.”


İSKİ General Manager Başa also shared the following information in his speech:

“The Kağıthane Water Distribution Structure, which contains the traces of İSKİ history and has a history of approximately 130 years, was unfortunately in a derelict state when we took office. We did not want to let the building in question, which was registered as a cultural property, be left to its fate, and without wasting any time, we started to work on the arrangement. As a result of our efforts, we have transformed this building, which we restored by preserving its original architecture, into a social space that can be enjoyed by both our employees and our esteemed guests who come here, in the form of 'Water Cafe', 'Water Museum' with the suggestion of our employees. Our compatriots living in our Eyüpsultan district and the children of our employees will be able to benefit from the İSKİ campus, our Home İstanbul kindergarten building, which we have built within the scope of our Home Istanbul project, within the İSKİ Headquarters Campus. We are proud to see our home, Istanbul, in our institution. Now, chirping children's voices are rising from the İSKİ campus. This makes us very happy. We have spent 9 million 615 thousand liras for İSKİ Water Cafe and 16 million 225 thousand liras for our Yuvamiz Istanbul project.”


Located in the İSKİ Headquarters Campus, with 650 square meters of indoor space and 900 square meters of open space, our Yuvam Istanbul kindergarten has a capacity of 80 people. The 34-person quota of the capacity was allocated to İSKİ personnel, and the 46-person quota was reserved for citizens in need. Su Cafe, which is registered as a cultural property to be protected, has been revised and put into service for the employees and visitors of the institution, has a 65 square meter indoor and 170 square meter open area. Kağıthane Water Distribution Building, which was restored by preserving its original architecture in order to support cultural heritage awareness, was brought to life in a museum form that also contains traces of history.

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