Practical Tips for Online Dating

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Jasmin Marriage Agency

Coronavirus, smallpox or military conflicts introduce new standards for us to meet. Online dating and communication on the Internet have now become part of our daily lives.

The network helps to find not only friends, but also love. However, online dating has its own rules and secrets. We found out how to get acquainted and communicate on the Internet correctly, and the psychologist told why it is better to use social networks for online dating.

Dating Sites or Social Networks: Which is Better to Choose for Dating

The Internet, social networks, sms, instant messengers, Skype, Zoom have already become part of our existence, so you should not divide acquaintances into "real" and "virtual".

Among the many online services, we want to highlight a service that offers dating for a serious relationship Jasmin-Marriage Agency

"Registering and being on the social network means that you are open and friendly, you have many friends" - says the psychologist. There is an outdated stereotype that users of dating sites are notorious losers. This is not true. Because 80% of the participants in social networks have a significant motive - to demonstrate themselves, to meet new people. Is this how complex people behave?

What is the Convenience of Social Networks for Communication and Online Dating

In the social network, all participants are at a glance. You can see everything about a person: who are friends, who is nearby in photographs, what events he attends, what thoughts a person wrote in a publication a year or two ago. You see the place of work, the training of the person you are interested in.

And on dating sites everything is more practical, because everyone here came for a specific purpose - to find a partner. And the relationship is discussed as a kind of contract, clarifications immediately begin, who is to blame for what, romance, flair, which are so important at the beginning of an acquaintance, are lost. But, this is a plus. You can always weed out such a person from the list of applicants. On dating sites, everything is honest and pragmatic.

Getting Out of the Virtual into Real Life

The psychologist reminds that you should not rely on dating sites and social networks too much. Perhaps this is not your option at all. Go out, smile at passers-by, attend events, play sports in the park, go on trips and then the chances of finding your loved one will increase significantly. After all, in this way there is a high probability that you will meet a person with similar interests.

Don't forget to keep track of the time you spend online. If more than half an hour, then you run the risk of living not a real life with a partner, but a virtual life with a gadget.

But, since quarantine is not over yet, communication on the Internet is now at the peak of popularity. We have selected for you the most practical tips for dating and communicating on the Internet.

5 Online Dating Rules:

1. Tidy Up Your Page or Profile

It is important to stick to the golden mean here. The profile should not be empty, but it is also not necessary to overload it with various unnecessary information. A profile is your face, your passport on a social network or on a dating site. There must be beauty and order. Post only truthful information and real photos. There is a high probability of meeting with a pen-pal offline - do not give him a reason to be disappointed.

2. Choose a Good Profile Photo

Profile photos are important, but your avatar is the first thing everyone notices. Never use cat pictures or celebrity pictures as the main profile photo - this is the most ridiculous decision. Only such a decision will already say a lot about you. Your main profile photo should have a recent photo of you that clearly shows your face. Even photos from three years ago can no longer be considered relevant. Statistics show that women find men's profile photos more attractive, while men find a full-face female face more attractive.

3. The Rule of "the First Curse"

If you want to attract the attention of the person you like, give him a like under the photo you like. Note that this rule works for both girls and men the same way. Everyone loves attention and compliments. If there is no reaction, do not be upset. It is important not to forget about the sense of proportion - do not scold everything in a row. Wait at least a day. And then you can leave a comment under the post.

4. Be Discreet And Friendly in Communication

When communication has begun, try to behave naturally - do not overwhelm the person with questions and stories, but you also do not need to be too restrained and cool. The rule of the golden mean - remember? By following the ethics and rules of communication, you can learn a lot about each other.

5. Translate Virtual Communication into Real

If you are pleased to communicate with a person, you have similar values and desires, transfer your communication from virtual to reality. Be prepared for the fact that the feeling of communicating in real life will be different from communicating on the Internet. After all, we are all a little shy to speak face-to-face. But if you really have a lot in common, then most likely, you are guaranteed a successful relationship.

How to Start a Dialogue on the Internet?

Approaching strangers on the street is not always decent, and not very safe. In addition, you may be misunderstood. On the Internet, things are different. We can "approach" each other without getting up from the couch. Convenient, isn't it?

If you use social networks or are registered on a dating site, then you probably already know about the complexity of the first dialogue. There are always doubts and fears. Will they not understand me? Suddenly we are completely different people? Is it even worth starting a dialogue?

It is worth discarding all these doubts and just stick to simple rules during a conversation. Check out 5 rules that will definitely help you.

1. We Study the Questionnaire of the Interlocutor in the First Place.

Before you start communicating with the person you like, you need to make a few movements.

• Look at the photo
• Study the person's profile
• Compare your hobbies

If dating still seems like a good idea to you, then go ahead! Be sure that with such a person you will have something to discuss 100%.

2. Do not Interrogate Your Interlocutor

Try to keep the conversation in the spirit of small talk, do not bombard the person with questions. Direct questions: “How many children do you have?” also won't work for you.

Speak better on free, general topics that are accessible to everyone. In such a conversation, everyone feels at ease.

If you have questions of a more personal nature, then it would be appropriate to ask them later, when your relationship is already established.

3. Try to Be Original in Your Posts

To be successful among other interlocutors, you need to be able to write unusual messages. Messages that get attention first are the key to a successful start of communication. With your first message, you set the tone for the conversation. It is important to know some data initially. Analyze photos, profiles, etc. Then you will have something to talk about with your opponent. For example: “I see you like snowboarding, but how do you spend your time in the warm season? Do you like swimming?"

You should definitely not start a conversation with the phrases: “How much do you earn?”, “What kind of car, house, dog, underwear, etc. do you have?”. This is not quite what you need to write in the first phrase.

4. Don't Push Your Pen Pal

It's not about the number of messages per day. If you wrote a message to a man, but he never answered it, then of course you can write again. But if they don't answer you even after the second letter, then you need to back off. After all, it is pleasant to communicate with a person - this means having an active mutual correspondence. And if you get a reply to a message once a week, this is a direct message “leave me alone”.

5. Don't Be Pushy

It may be that the interlocutor does not offer you to call or meet in person. Dont be upset. Suggest it yourself. But it's important to do it only once. If you are refused, then draw conclusions and start looking for a new interlocutor. This is normal practice. This situation is very common. So there is no need to insist on a meeting, or try to phone a person who does not want it.

The main advantage of virtual communication is that you do not bear any responsibility. You can stop the correspondence at any time. But you can try and keep the dialogue. The main thing - do not be shy, if you are looking for your love through online dating, be yourself and you will succeed.

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