The End of 10.000 Schools Project in Basic Education

The School Project in Basic Education Neared the End
The End of 10.000 Schools Project in Basic Education

The 10.000 Schools in Basic Education project has come to an end. The physical spaces of the disadvantaged 10.000 primary and secondary schools selected for the project were strengthened; Comprehensive educational support was provided to students, teachers, administrators and parents. Announcing that the successfully implemented project will be completed at the end of August, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said, “We will share an evaluation meeting with the public about its closure within the first week of September.” said.

A comprehensive evaluation meeting was held regarding the latest situation in the "10.000 Schools in Basic Education Project" implemented by the Ministry of National Education in order to reduce success and opportunity differences between schools and to strengthen equality of opportunity in education.

Deputy Ministers Sadri Şensoy, Petek Aşkar, Nazif Yılmaz and Osman Sezgin, all unit chiefs and national education directors of 81 provinces attended the meeting chaired by the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer.

In his statement regarding the meeting, Özer underlined that the area they attach the most importance to is to strengthen the equality of opportunity in education and to ensure that all students have access to the highest quality education regardless of their region and their families' income level. Minister Mahmut Özer stated that they have implemented two important projects for this purpose, one of which is to increase access to pre-school education and the other is 10.000 Schools in Basic Education.

Minister Özer said that in the 10.000 Schools in Basic Education project, the physical facilities of 10.000 primary and secondary schools, which are relatively disadvantaged, were improved, their infrastructure, workshops, libraries, sports facilities were strengthened, and that teachers and school administrators were given comprehensive training, and also that trainings were organized for the parents of the students through public education centers. stated that the trainings that will strengthen the basic skills of the students are supported by the teaching materials.

Sharing the good news that the project, which has a budget of 3 billion liras, is about to be completed, Özer said, “We have used our budget of approximately 2.9 billion liras in our entire field. Hopefully, we will finalize the project by the end of August and we will share an evaluation meeting with the public in the first week of September.” he said.

Within the scope of the project, purchase of course and first aid equipment, special education materials, teachers' room equipment, purchase and installation of camera and security systems, supply of recycling bins and compost machines for environmentally friendly schools, making minor repairs, creating sports fields, interactive board, printer A budget of approximately 2 billion 900 million liras was planned for transactions consisting of items such as computer support and computer support. The works to be done by the Course Equipment Production Center, the vehicles to be ordered to vocational high schools and the transactions to be carried out by other units and purchases were planned.

10 thousand 106 teachers and 244 thousand 13 administrators working in 344 thousand schools were given training on digital literacy, new approaches in measurement and evaluation, climate change and environment, and first aid. Training support was provided to approximately 10.000 million 2 thousand students of 700 schools on subjects such as first aid, fight against addiction, environmental awareness, traffic safety and intelligence games. In addition, all students were screened for school health.

700 thousand parents were given family school, first aid, bullying and cyberbullying awareness, basic education for adults, and fight against addiction training.

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