Turkey Trained 6 Somali Soldiers and Special Operations Police

Turkey Trains Thousands of Somali Soldiers and Special Operations Police
Turkey Trained 6 Somali Soldiers and Special Operations Police

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mahmud held a joint press conference after the tete-a-tete and inter-delegation meetings at the Presidential Complex and the signing ceremony of the agreements. At the press conference, Erdoğan stated that Somalia is supported in all areas, from health to education, from infrastructure to capacity development.

In this context, Erdoğan stated that the cooperation in different fields will continue and the necessary aid for the development of Somalia will continue. Stating that their cooperation will continue in the fight against terrorism, Erdoğan said,

“We have completed the training of 5000 Somali soldiers so far. We also trained 1000 special operations police. I hereby reiterate our determination to continue contributing to the stability and security of Somalia and its fight against terrorism, as Turkey."

8 Kirpi I and 14 AKTAN vehicles donated to the Somali Army from Turkey

According to the statement made by the Somali National Armed Forces on 15 August 2021, Turkey donated a mine-proof armored personnel carrier to Somalia. It was stated that the vehicles donated within the scope of the aforementioned development were the KİRPİ I TTZA (Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle) developed by BMC and the AKTAN Battlefield Fuel Tanker.

It was reported that 8 Kirpi I TTZA and 14 AKTAN fuel tankers produced by BMC were among the vehicles delivered to Somalia by Turkey with a ceremony.

Turkey delivered 12 Hedgehog MKKAs to the Somali Army

On 27 August 2020, Somali authorities shared that Turkey donated 12 Hedgehog MKKAs to the Somali Army. The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey shared on its official Twitter account on 31 August 2020, within the scope of Military Financial Cooperation between Turkey and Somalia; He announced that 12 KİRPİ mine-resistant armored personnel carrier vehicles produced for the Somali army were not given as a grant, but that the produced vehicles were delivered.

It was claimed that Somalia received Bayraktar TB2 SİHA

It was claimed by the Somali-based news agency The Daily Jubba that Somalia received the first Bayraktar TB2s. The Daily Jubba also stated that a battalion would be formed to work jointly with Bayraktar TB2s. It was reported that the battalion would use Bayraktar TB2s for air support while performing its offensive duties.

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