Technopark Istanbul Introduced Its New Offices

Technopark Istanbul Introduced Its New Offices
Technopark Istanbul Introduced Its New Offices

Teknopark Istanbul introduced its new offices with smart building features at the meeting attended by R&D company representatives. Bilal Topçu, General Manager of Teknopark Istanbul, said, “Our new building will be the largest structure of Technopark Istanbul.”

The offices of Teknopark Istanbul, Turkey's deep technology center, with a multi-purpose and transformable modular structure, are waiting for new R&D companies. Teknopark Istanbul General Manager Bilal Topçu came together with a group of R&D company representatives who wanted to get to know the buildings closely, at the Technopark Istanbul Conference Hall, upon the call of “Take your place in our new offices, too”.

New office opportunity for R&D companies from Teknopark Istanbul

Bilal Topçu said, “The B Block building of the 65rd Stage of Technopark Istanbul, built on an area of ​​2 thousand m3, will be put into service very soon. This is very important for us, because there are many projects waiting in the queue; We have many engineers, many companies, we want to make room for them. We are excited to make room for both companies that want to grow within the Technopark and technology companies that want to enter Technopark Istanbul from outside and carry out their projects here. The companies that carry out R&D studies here, gain strong international connections and get the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial ecosystem with high interaction by acquiring new partners. Teknopark Istanbul not only meets the spatial needs of R&D companies, but also offers sectoral and academic cooperation opportunities. We host three or four international delegations a month at Technopark Istanbul. Some of the delegations want to meet, meet and cooperate with companies.” said.

Environmentally sensitive offices draw attention with their technical features

The 3rd Stage B Block, where the new offices are located, will be the biggest building of Technopark Istanbul. The building includes offices of different sizes from 50 m2 to 3200 m2. The building, which is environmentally friendly and designed considering sustainability criteria, will meet a significant part of its own energy with solar energy. In the building that collects the rain water, the savings were also kept at the highest level. In the building, which was built with respect for nature, rain water will be collected and treated and rain water will be reused. The building, which was built with respect to nature and whose landscaping plans were completed, will be decorated with plants that provide harmony with the environment. Engineers and R&D employees, who will benefit from the building designed with the smart office concept, will be able to evaluate their work and rest times in the most comfortable way. In the smart buildings with flexible design, which were built with the principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), multi-purpose and transformable use was taken care of. The personnel who develop projects in these offices; it will also have the ability to work interactively, thanks to its shared office spaces (co-working).

B Block building also has different areas. Offices, technical areas, laboratories, co-working areas, eating and drinking areas are equipped with systems that will both add efficiency to the work and make the staff more comfortable. The engineers and R&D personnel working in the 3rd Stage B Block will also be able to benefit from the swimming pools and tennis courts in the Teknopark Istanbul campus.

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