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sipahi security
sipahi security

Sipahi security services serve with the understanding of maximum protection in private and public areas. Person and place security is provided with security guards and security equipment that businesses need. One of the basic human needs is the need to be protected and feel safe. When this need is not adequately met, individuals do not work at maximum efficiency. Especially when it comes to poor performance, businesses face bigger problems in the long run.

Security service, which is very important for the image of the company, is also an indicator of prestige. As Sipahi security, it provides the best service in all defense and protection areas that our customers need.

Sipahi Security Service Working Areas

security Its portfolio of service workspaces occupies a leading position among the largest security firms. Our working zones:

  • shopping security,
  • site, construction safety,
  • banks and trade centers,
  • airport, bus station security,
  • hospital, nursing home love home security,
  • school, classroom, study center and university security,
  • holiday zone business security,
  • personal protection,
  • entertainment, cafe business security areas are among our working areas.

Our staff consists of licensed security experts who have received professional training. We provide a peaceful working condition for our business partners by meeting all their security needs in the best way possible.

School Security Services

In Sipahi security school security services are also available. We work with maximum precision to ensure that students receive a happy and safe education. We strive to make our students, who are the guarantee of the future, more adaptable to their career goals. Today, the need for school security has arisen against certain risks and dangers. To list them:

  • after school security problem,
  • drug dealers,
  • child extortion and theft,
  • domestic violence and injury,
  • physical argument that may occur during the competition,
  • school environment safety (traffic, park, audience)
  • security of fixtures,
  • We accurately identify all security vulnerabilities, especially the safety of life and property of students, and provide maximum protection in these areas.

Private Security Companies

Private security companies was established to meet the security needs of businesses. It ensures the healthy functioning of the facilities with the support of both people and equipment. Private security company security specialists are presentable business personnel who have completed their legal and first aid duties after a tough training process.

Private and public enterprises are obliged to eliminate security weaknesses for employee health and property safety. Even if public security is provided by the police and gendarmerie, there are some disruptions in operational safety. Our professionals, who are highly experienced in immediate response to problems, problem solving and risk management, are the most important supporters of our business partners.

Sipahi security is the most preferred company for the defense needs of organizations serving in the country and abroad. You can contact us and get support in order to benefit from the friendly service understanding with its employees with a high sense of responsibility.

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