Last Minute: Minimum Wage 2022 July Increase Announced

Last Minute: Minimum Wage 2022 July Increase Announced
Last Minute: Minimum Wage 2022 July Increase Announced

The minimum wage hike for 2022 has been announced today. Turkey, which is affected by the increase in global inflation like all other countries, will increase the minimum wage for the first time in July in order to increase the purchasing power of its citizens. The Minimum Wage Determination Commission held several meetings this week. The employer and the worker side negotiated hard for the minimum wage increase. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security also tried to be a mediator for the minimum wage increase in these meetings. The expected day has come. Millions of people, What was the minimum wage? is looking for the answer. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will announce the highly anticipated minimum wage 2022 increase rate at the Dolmabahçe Labor Office. Here is the last minute news about the minimum wage 2022 and all the details for the July hike.

The minimum wage hike in July 2022 will be made for the first time. Due to the increase in inflation in the world after the coronavirus pandemic, inflation decreased the purchasing power, while the 6-month inflation expectation in Turkey became 40,75. It is wondered what percentage of the minimum wage increase in July will be. It was stated that the rate of increase, which is expected to be at least 20 percent, could go up to 40 percent.

The new minimum wage for July 30 with an increase of 2022%, effective from July. Net 5.500,35 TL it happened. Employer support was 100 TL.


President Erdogan, in his statement, said: “Inflation is not only our country's top priority problem, but the whole world's top priority. Of course, inflation figures in our country differ due to our own realities and habits. While following every development in the world closely, we gave our main priority to the solution of the problems of our citizens. We have reached a very good level in the fight against terrorism. We are striving to get our country out of the global storm with the least loss by implementing our economic program with determination. During the epidemic, we positively separated ourselves from the world. We have never ignored the distress experienced by the citizens. We have implemented many measures and we continue to take them. An inflation difference of more than 40 percent will already be increased in the salaries of our public employees and all our retirees. We have seen that the losses of the minimum wage earners should be compensated. At the end of the studies, we determined a new minimum wage figure. Now I want to explain to you the new minimum wage. We are increasing the minimum wage by 30 percent, effective from July.”

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