How Should Sacrifice Meat Be Consumed?

How to Consume Sacrifice Meat
How to Consume Sacrifice Meat

One of the experts at, Dyt. Büşra Dinç says that our priority during the Eid-al-Adha should be the slaughter of the victim in a suitable environment, that is, in a clean environment.

Reminding that it is necessary to rest the meat of the sacrifice for 24 hours before consuming it, Dyt. Dinç explains the reason for this as follows:

“Immediately after the animals are slaughtered, there is a situation we call death stiffness. If we consume the cut meat without resting; Problems such as abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion may occur. If you cannot keep it waiting for 24 hours, it is healthier to keep the meat cut in the morning at least until the evening, cut it into small pieces or consume it as minced meat.”

dit. Dinç states that some people wash the meat before using it, but this is a wrong behavior. Explaining that the bacteria will disperse even more in the meat when washed, Dyt. Dinç says that there is no need to wash the meat when it is exposed to a certain temperature while cooking, as the bacteria will disappear. Reminding that the meat chopping board should only be used for meat, Dyt said. Dinç continues his words as follows: “When you cut meat and a food that you will consume raw on the same board, you will take the harmful bacteria in raw meat into your body. Since meat has its own fat, extra oil should not be added to main dishes made using meat (vegetables or legumes). Meat should be cooked in its own fat. As a cooking method, methods such as baking, boiling and grilling should be preferred, and frying and roasting methods should be avoided.

So, how do we preserve the sacrificial meat? One of the experts at, Dyt. Büşra Dinç says that the best storage method is to cut the meat into small pieces such as minced meat and cubes, then divide them into single-cooking quantities, put them in refrigerator bags, and store them in the refrigerator at -2 degrees Celsius for 1-2 weeks, and in the freezer at -18 degrees Celsius. Reminding that meat can be stored longer in this way, Dyt. Dinç underlines that the meat that is taken out of the freezer for cooking should be thawed by lowering it to the lower shelves of the refrigerator, the thawed meat should be cooked immediately and not re-frozen.

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