EGİKAD Members Discussed Digital Transformation

EGIKAD Members Talked about Digital Transformation
EGİKAD Members Discussed Digital Transformation

Aegean Business Women's Association (EGİKAD) held its traditional "We are Us" meeting at the Best Western Konak Hotel. At the meeting, in which EGİKAD members showed interest, TurkPages Technology President Arda Baskan made a presentation on New Trends in Technology and their Reflections on the Business World, while BASİFED Chairman Mehmet Ali Kasalı and the presidents of BASİFED member associations also attended the meeting.

Human happiness and well-being

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, EGİKAD Chairman of the Board Emre Pınar Kılıç said that they were happy to meet with the members physically after the pandemic period. Stating that they hosted TurkPages Technology President Arda Baskan at the Biz Biz Meetings they organize every month, Kılıç said, “We will have the opportunity to learn the latest trends in technology from him in detail. Digital transformation in the world continues at a rapid pace. We are all wondering how these rapid developments in technology will affect our lives. While technological developments make our work easier, on the other hand, we are worried about the future of human relations from time to time. We need to realize the digital transformation at a point that will serve human happiness and well-being.”

Digital transformation: The battle for existence

TurkPages Technology President Arda Baskan, who made a presentation at the meeting, pointed out that there is a rapid change in technology and said that technological development penetrates deeply into human life. Stating that the business world has also adopted and internalized new technologies and updated their ways of doing business in line with innovations, Baskan said, “We are experiencing a great transformation. Augmented reality, Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFT are on our agenda. This is exactly what we call "Digital Transformation", the battle for existence. parties to this war and kazanAlthough it is not clear exactly who will be the moment, the biggest mistake of mankind is "what matters is what matters". kazanCould it be that he was consoled by saying, “It was not to ignore, it was to participate…”? Let's wait and see together!” said.

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