Digital Employment of Employees in Companies

Digital Employment in Companies
Digital Employment of Employees in Companies

One of the biggest obstacles faced by the business world in end-to-end digital transformation is the lack of technical and qualified workforce. According to Gartner's research, the biggest obstacle for companies to adopt new technologies is the lack of talent (64%). Therefore, it is of great importance to raise young generations with competence in the field of digital technologies. Another solution to this problem is through digital workers.

The digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic brought along the search for talent. According to a study by Gartner, IT executives say that the biggest barrier to adopting new technologies is the lack of talent, with almost two out of three companies (3%). Respondents say a lack of talent plays a major role in the adoption of most automation technologies (64%) and nearly half (75%) of digital workplace technologies. Therefore, it is of great importance to raise competent young generations in the field of digital technologies. Another solution to this problem is through digital workers. Employment agencies are committed to finding the digital employee that fits the company's needs within 41 hours.

Robot Employment Agency Founder Canan Alkın said, “Digital technologies not only improve the daily lives of individuals, but also shape the future of industries. Today, many industries prefer digital transformation in order to meet customer demands quickly, reduce transaction costs, increase efficiency by getting more output with less resources, and gain competitive advantage. However, while investments are being made in digitalization, on the other hand, employees try to use many screens that are not user-friendly, struggle with routine and boring work, lose their corporate identity, and this situation becomes complex and hinders productivity.

Digital employee support in 48 hours

Saying that by establishing Turkey's first robot employment agency, they steered the sectors with the support of digital employees, Canan Alkın continued: “As the Robot Employment Agency, we help companies save time and cost and increase their benefits and productivity. We provide immediate support to existing teams by finding digital employees in just 48 hours for roles that are difficult to fill or vacated by sudden resignations. Considering the average time it takes to fill a vacant position of 42 days, as reported by The Society of Human Resource Management, this is an incredible one. kazanim. In addition, while we prevent complex processes such as searching for candidates, interviews and decision making, we also prevent time to be lost due to wrong employment.” Stating that companies set out to employ digital candidates who are compatible with their business goals, Robot Employment Agency Founder Canan Alkın pointed out that by preventing digital transformation from evolving into digital destruction, they positioned companies in the middle of the quadrilateral of time, cost, benefit and efficiency.

Digital employees to key positions

Stating that they are a new generation consultancy company that helps companies find the most suitable digital employees for the positions and business processes they need, Robotic Employment Agency Founder Canan Alkın said, “We analyze alternatives that offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence solutions on their behalf and take 20 minutes. We are presenting a candidate. Digital workers can be employed in many key areas, from finance to purchasing, from human resources to supply chain. Digital employees, who have the capacity to work 7/24, can speak 39 different languages ​​and can perform the requested tasks with zero error. Their salaries are determined by monthly, annual or part-time pricing or pay-as-you-go model.”

Full support from the Association of Women in Technology

Canan Alkın said that the Robot Employment Agency continues its journey with the support of the Women in Technology Association, which aims to contribute to the transformation of Turkey as a smart and technological society. Zehra Öney, the Founding Chairman of the Board of the Association, made the following statement: “In the 'Technology and Human Index' study, which we completed in February, breaking new ground in our country, we drew attention to the glass ceiling effect that prevents women from taking an active role in the STEM field. Due to this effect, women cannot rise to senior positions in the technology sector or in technology-related fields. At this point, we think that the Robot Employment Agency, founded by one of our association members, Canan Alkın, is very important as an initiative that ensures the transformation of human resources. We will continue to support the development and growth of the agency, which sets a very important example in terms of demonstrating the impact of women in transformation.”

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