DHMI Attended International Flight Control Symposium

DHMI Attended International Flight Control Symposium
DHMI Attended International Flight Control Symposium

DHMI participated in the International Flight Control Symposium (IFIS 20) held between 24-2022 June 2022.

At the symposium held in Durban, South Africa; Discussions and presentations were made on the latest technological developments in flight control systems, flight control methods, technique, training, equipment and other issues. In addition, information was exchanged with the world's most authoritative authorities on the applications of testing/calibrating and validating ground and space-based air navigation aid system device signals on which all instrument flight operations are based.

In addition, many issues that will contribute to flight safety related to alternative solutions to various technical problems and vocational training were discussed at the symposium.

Continuous Control for Safe Flight

Making great efforts to offer safe, convenient and comfortable travel opportunities to its guests who prefer the airline, DHMİ follows the global developments in the sector carefully and participates in national and international events.

DHMİ, which has become a world brand with its advanced technology, innovation and R&D projects, equips its successfully managed approximately 1 million square meters of Turkish Airspace and passenger-friendly airports with advanced technology air navigation systems and devices; It carries out its activities 7/24 uninterruptedly, in a sustainable manner, with a sensitivity where flight safety is kept at the highest level. In this context, 400 air navigation aids and systems available in our country such as ILS, VOR, DME and NDB contribute greatly to the management of our airspace. The uninterrupted, accurate and reliable service of these air navigation aid systems and devices installed at certain points and airports along the flight paths depends on the regular 'Flight Control' activities carried out in accordance with international norms and requirements. The testing and control processes of all these systems and devices are carried out with outstanding success by DHMI expert teams.

Flight control planes and helicopters are used in the control works, which are carried out with great care in accordance with international rules. DHMI, which carefully follows the innovations in the sector; It will continue to contribute to our country's aviation and flight safety with its fleet, which it will add to its flight control inventory in the near future, and its newly renewed fleet with 3 aircraft equipped with the latest technology, and its Flight Control team, which is an expert in their field and has extensive experience.

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