KadıköyMemorial Ceremony Held for Herodotus, Müfid Ekdal

A Commemoration Ceremony was Held for Herodotus Mufid Ekdal of Kadikoy
KadıköyMemorial Ceremony Held for Herodotus, Müfid Ekdal

History researcher and doctor Müfid Ekdal on the 8th anniversary of his death Kadıköy It was commemorated with an event organized by the municipality. In the memorial program, Dr. by Müfid Ekdal Kadıköy With Hidden Stories and Pictures reprinted by Municipality Publications Kadıköy His book, Sokakları, was also published for the first time.

One of the former chief physicians of Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital, he devoted his life to medicine and Kadıköy with the books he wrote, devoted to research on the history ofKadıköyDr., who has become 'the memory of A commemoration ceremony was held for Müfid Ekdal on the 8th anniversary of his passing. Kadıköy To the commemoration event organized by the Municipality of Caddebostan Cultural Center Kadıköy Mayor Atty. Serdil Dara Odabasi, CHP Kadıköy District President Ali Narin, journalist-author Prof. Dr. Baris Doster, Dr. Oral Ekdal, son of Müfid Ekdal; with her daughter Meral Akdikmen, relatives and many Kadıköylu joined. Broadcasting rights by Ekdal Family Kadıköy Donated to Municipality Publications, Dr. With Mufid Ekdal's Hidden Stories and Pictures Kadıköy His book, Sokakları, was introduced to the readers for the first time in this program. Kadıköy It was also stated that the Municipality is preparing to publish all of Ekdal's other books with revised new editions.

Speaking on behalf of the Ekdal Family, Dr. Oral Ekdal, son of Müfid Ekdal, with his Hidden Stories and Pictures Kadıköy the book of the streets Kadıköy He shared his happiness for being republished by Municipality Publications. Ekdal said, “As a family, we are really happy that the municipality has taken care of it. Kadıköy As promised, the municipality will print all of my father's books one by one by re-editing the typesetting, writing and pictures. First published today Kadıköy Streets were introduced. Again, I would like to thank our mayor, Mr. Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, and everyone who contributed," he said.

Kadıköy Mayor Atty. In her speech, Serdil Dara Odabaşı said:Kadıköy'NS Kadıköy who Kadıköythey are people. Claiming his city, trying to protect every square millimeter of his city, and carrying his city from the past to the future, telling Kadıköypeople This KadıköyMüfid Ekdal is at the top of the list. It's up to us to own it, to reintroduce what he wrote. Kadıköyto people, Kadıköy"We owe it to him," he said. Thanking the Ekdal Family, Odabaşı said, “For us to claim the publishing rights of all books. Kadıköy They gave it to the municipality. We will try to be worthy of this trust. We will reprint and publish all of Müfid Ekdal's books, and we will carry out the task of carrying his legacy to the future as much as we can.”

Commemoration program, Dr. Presentation and TV show about the photograph collection donated by Müfid Ekdal to the Istanbul Research Institute. Kadıköy Youtube made by the channel KadıköyHerodotus of 'Dr. It ended after the screening of Müfid Ekdal Documentary.

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