Cem Yılmaz Had a Traffic Accident in Bodrum

Cem Yilmaz Had a Traffic Accident in Bodrum
Cem Yılmaz Had a Traffic Accident in Bodrum

Famous comedian and filmmaker Cem Yılmaz has released a statement about the traffic accident he had in Bodrum.

Famous comedian Cem Yılmaz had an accident in Bodrum the night before. According to the news in Snob Magazine, Yılmaz collided with a taxi. The comedian's Mercedes model car was damaged. Yılmaz, who was not injured in the accident, then kept a report with the taxi driver.

After the news about the accident, the famous comedian released a statement on social media. Cem Yılmaz explained that the accident happened 10 days ago.

Cem Yılmaz, who made a statement on his Twitter account in the evening, used the following statements:

“We collided with a taxi driver 10 days ago… The cars were out of service, the damage has already been repaired, we almost forgot about the accident… Thanks to the friend, when he saw the news that he had 'returned from the dead'… Is there anyone who came back from the dead :) Of course, I didn't come back from the dead, I'm going straight on that road, thank you”


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