The Most Critical Step Taken for Green Transformation in Energy

The Most Critical Step Taken for Green Transformation in Energy
The Most Critical Step Taken for Green Transformation in Energy

Benefiting more and more from renewable and clean energy sources every day, Turkey has made a very important decision to support the investors of energy storage systems. The amendment made in the Electricity Market Law to encourage electricity storage investments was published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, investors who undertake to invest in electricity storage will have the right to obtain a direct license if they want to invest in wind and/or solar power plants equal to the installed power of this investment. This advantage provided to investors will also apply to capacity increases of existing wind and solar power plants. These investments will also benefit from the Renewable Energy Resource Support Mechanism (YEKDEM).


Evaluating the change in the law, Energy Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (ENSİA) Chairman of the Board Alper Kalaycı said that the decision was one of the milestones in the journey of green energy transformation in Turkey.

Noting that making energy storage investments attractive is of critical importance in reducing Turkey's dependence on foreign energy, Kalaycı said, “This change in the law, approved by the Parliament, means supplying energy to the system from SPPs at night and from WPPs in windless weather. We would like to thank all the public authorities who signed this important law change.” said.


Elvan Aygün, Sales Manager of ENSİA Corporate Member AHA Teknoloji A.Ş, which specializes in energy storage systems, commented that Turkey has entered a new era in the field of renewable energy with the law amendment.

Noting that an uninterrupted and green energy source will come into play with the use of energy storage systems and renewable energy plants together, Aygün pointed out the importance of the systems to be used to be high-tech products with international competence and said, “We made a good decision. However, let's not turn our country into a battery dump by making mistakes in practice.

Elvan Aygün made the following assessment: “The quality and durability of the equipment used, the life and cycle capacities of the batteries are important at this point. Proper and correct operation of energy and battery management systems, operating modes of the product, response time are among the important factors in product selection. We expect technical specification details to be published as soon as possible. In the coming days, we will focus more on main topics such as ancillary services, network control, arbitrage. Energy storage is a serious business. The system you will use must be of high quality and reliable in every sense.”

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