Pirelli Supports the United Nations Road Safety Fund

Pirelli Supports the United Nations Road Safety Fund
Pirelli Supports the United Nations Road Safety Fund

Pirelli continues to stand by the United Nations Road Safety Fund (UNRSF) with its commitment to support road safety worldwide. Pirelli, who has been a member and supporter of the fund since 2018 and the first participant in its segment, reaffirmed its commitment during UNRSF's Fund Commitment Event in New York. To date, Pirelli has donated $800.000 to UNRSF to support global road safety initiatives.

Marco Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli Vice Chairman and CEO, said: “As a supporter and donor of UNRSF since its establishment, Pirelli is among the first companies from the automotive sector to join the fund. We focus on continuously improving the safety of our tires through technological innovations. Being a member of the fund also enables us to support global initiatives in many fields, from infrastructure to urban planning and conservation. That is why we see our relationship with UNRSF as a very natural fit and continue to support it.”

Filippo Bettini, Pirelli Sustainability and Future Mobility Manager and UNRSF Advisory Board Member, said: “With the support of donors and the leadership of UNRSF, significant results can be achieved. We can make tangible contributions to its cause.” he said.

UNRSF's vision is defined as “Building a world where roads are safe for every user, everywhere”. A company like Pirelli, which is on the roads of the world with its tires, also plays an important role in making tires safer. In this direction, security is one of the basic elements of the company's sustainable development.

As an example of the company's efforts in this direction, Cyber ​​Tire can transmit information in real time to improve product performance and, above all, driving safety. Thanks to the Seal Inside and Run Flat tires, this safety includes punctures and relative risks. In fact, this technology ensures that even if the tire bursts, you can continue on the road and maintain vehicle control.

Pirelli also adopts an “environmentally safe design” approach, where it leverages material innovations and applies virtualization instruments throughout the development process to achieve better performance in conjunction with driving safety and reduced environmental impact. This approach supports Pirelli's efforts that by 2025 more than 90% of new products will be class A or B for wet braking, while 70% will also be class A and B for rolling resistance.

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