Metrobus Burned Out on the Golden Horn Bridge!

Metrobus Cayir Cayir Burned on Golden Horn Bridge
Metrobus Burned Out on the Golden Horn Bridge!

A fire broke out in the engine section of the metrobus underway on the Golden Horn Bridge for an unknown reason. Due to the fire, dense smoke rose from the metrobus. In the incident where the passengers experienced fear and panic, the flames were extinguished by the firefighters who went to the scene upon notice.

Smoke started to rise in a Metrobus vehicle, which was moving towards Zincirlikuyu on the Beyoğlu Haliç Bridge, at around 09.00:XNUMX in the morning in Istanbul.

While the passengers in the vehicle, which caught fire from the engine part, quickly got out of the vehicle, many firefighters were sent to the scene upon notice. Passengers panicked while the flames were put under control with the intervention of firefighters. After the cooling works of the teams, the vehicle, in which the flames rose, was removed from the area with the help of a tow truck and taken to the garage.

Statement from IMM Regarding the Metrobus Fire

On Saturday, July 2, 2022, around 09.30 am, the driver stopped the vehicle and evacuated the passengers safely after smoke came from the engine part of the vehicle in motion near Halıcıoğlu Station on the Metrobus line.

The fire was completely extinguished in 12 minutes with the intervention of the roadside assistance vehicle and the arrival of the fire brigade, while the smoke was extinguished with a fire extinguisher.

In the preliminary examination, it was observed that the 1 model vehicle, which was determined to have made 200 million 2012 thousand kilometers, was inspected by TÜV-TÜRK, periodic maintenance and IETT inspections, and the fire extinguishing system was activated.

As it is known, with the decision of the IMM Assembly, IETT was authorized to purchase 300 new Metrobus vehicles in order to renew all the vehicles on the Metrobus line. Although it is stated in the feasibility report prepared by IETT that Metrobus vehicles are approaching the 2 million kilometer limit and should be renewed as soon as possible, the file has been waiting for investment approval at the Presidency for more than 1,5 years. In order to renew its Metrobus fleet as soon as possible, IETT purchased 160 new vehicles with its own resources and put it into service in 2022. On the Metrobus line, which carries 600 million passengers a day with approximately 1 vehicles, IETT monitors vehicles and passenger traffic 7 hours a day, 24 days a week, and intervenes when necessary to ensure the safe operation of the line.

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