Historical Cincikli Bath is Restored

Historical Cincikli Hamami is Restored
Historical Cincikli Bath is Restored

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues its restoration works in the historical bath known as Cıncıklı Hamam, which is one of the oldest baths in the city, which has collapsed recently.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which preserves the historical beauties of Şanlıurfa, which sheds light on history with its historical inns, baths, kabaltıs, iwans and fountains, has taken action as a result of the collapse experienced in Cincıklı Hamam in the past days.

Having received the information that the stones on the walls that were deformed in the historical bath were thrown to the road as a result of collapse, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality KUDEM Branch Directorate teams went to Cincıklı Hamam, where the collapse was taking place, and closed the area to entrances and exits with strips, firstly taking environmental safety.

The teams that collect the stones on the road continue to work to restore the historical bath to its old appearance by rolling up their sleeves for restoration work.

It is not known exactly when the historical Cincıklı Hammam, located in Şanlıurfa's Karaburç District, Hızanoğlu Street, was built. It is estimated that the bath, which dates back to ancient times, collapsed due to environmental factors.

A citizen who was there at the time of the collapse stated that he informed the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality teams for their interest, stating that the teams intervened immediately.

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