Damage Assessment Works Continue in 7 Provinces Affected by Flood

Damage Determination Studies Continuing in the Province Affected by the Flood
Damage Assessment Works Continue in 7 Provinces Affected by Flood

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change continues damage assessment studies for 7 provinces affected by the flood in the Western Black Sea Region. According to the damage assessment data of the General Directorate of Construction Works affiliated to the Ministry, 18 buildings, 13 of which were independent sections, were demolished in the flood disasters in Kastamonu, Zonguldak, Düzce, Bolu, Karabük, Sinop and Bartın. 28 buildings were heavily damaged, and 11 buildings, 1794 of which were independent, suffered minor damage. No damage was detected in 509 buildings, of which 2030 are independent sections. 522 buildings, 38 of which are independent, were included in the category of urgent demolition.

A flood disaster occurred in the Western Black Sea Region on Monday, 27 June 2022 due to heavy rains; Many areas were affected by the flood. All institutions of the state in Kastamonu, Zonguldak, Düzce, Bolu, Karabük and Bartın, which were exposed to the flood disaster, started to work urgently to relieve the distress of the citizens and solve their problems.

The teams, who spend intense work, continue their damage assessment studies. In this context, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Construction Affairs Directorate shared the damage assessment data.

13 Buildings Demolished, 11 Buildings Severely Damaged, 509 Buildings Less Damaged, 20 Buildings to be Demolished Urgently

In 13 provinces, where a total of 11 buildings were destroyed, 509 buildings were heavily damaged and 7 buildings were slightly damaged, 20 buildings were included in the urgent demolition list.


It was announced by the Directorate of Construction Affairs of the Ministry that damage assessment studies were started with 20 teams for the requests that may occur in the Bozkurt, Merkez, Azdavay, Cide, Devrekani, Hanönü, İnebolu districts of Kastamonu, and that damage assessment studies were completed in 12 districts and 60 villages/neighbourhoods, in line with the notifications and requests. .

It was stated that transportation could not be provided to the villages of Çaydüzü of İnebolu district, Hacıreis and Kızılcakaya of Çatalzeytin district and to a certain location of Bayramgazi village of Bozkurt District.

It was reported that 271 out of 7 buildings were destroyed, 2 heavily damaged, 133 slightly damaged, 124 undamaged and 5 urgently to be demolished in Kastamonu.


It was emphasized that damage assessment studies were started with 10 teams in line with the notices and demands received after the rains in the Merkez, Hasankadı, Kozcağaz, Kemerköprü regions and Ulus district in the province of Bartın.

It was reported that 318 out of 3 buildings in Bartın were destroyed, 7 heavily damaged, 235 slightly damaged, 70 undamaged and 3 urgently demolished buildings.


It has been announced that work continues with 10 teams in Karabük, and damage assessment studies have started in line with the demands from Yenice and Eskipazar districts.

It was reported that 109 out of 3 buildings in Karabük were destroyed, 18 slightly damaged, 79 undamaged and 7 urgently to be demolished.


It was shared that the studies are continuing with 8 teams in line with the demands from the districts of Düzce Akçakoca, Yığılca, Kaynaşlı, Beyköy and Merkez.

It was stated that there were 89 buildings in Düzce that were destroyed or heavily damaged, 80 slightly damaged, 6 undamaged and 3 urgently to be demolished.


In line with the requests from 13 villages in Bolu Center and Mengen districts, work continues with 3 teams.

In Bolu, 77 buildings were destroyed and not severely damaged, 9 slightly damaged, 66 undamaged buildings; It was reported that there are 2 buildings to be demolished urgently.


It was stated that in the first stage, 10 people, 5 teams and 5 vehicles were ready for damage assessment studies in Sinop, and the teams were kept ready as reinforcements. It is stated that the damage assessment for the mosque of Çatakgüney village of Türkeli district will be carried out immediately when the roads are opened; It was reported that the retaining wall collapsed in the İncedayı neighborhood of Sinop province, and the necessary measures were taken by the Sinop Municipality.

It was reported that no damage was detected in Sinop.


It has been noted that the damage assessment works have been completed based on the requests received in the Gökçebey district of Zonguldak, and 5 teams are currently waiting for the notifications and requests from the citizens.

It was reported that no damage was detected in Zonguldak.

Details of İlbank Infrastructure Works were shared as follows:


Bozkurt: As a result of the removal of the temporary bridge over the Ezine Stream by DSI, water cannot be supplied to the Yılmaz district of the city. Work continues to provide water to Yılmaz district.

Abana: The well-storage pipeline feeding the city was damaged. Within the scope of the ongoing drinking water project, water has started to be supplied to the city from the newly opened deep well.

İnebolu: The Başköy catchment that feeds the city was damaged, and the city started to partially supply water from the additional deep well used in case of need.

Senpazar: Partial faults that occurred have been corrected.

Çatalzeytin, Azdavay, Küre, Doğanyurt, Devrekani, Cide: There is no negative situation as of now.


Ayancik: In the studies carried out, it was learned that there was no problem arising from the infrastructure.

Turkeli: Infrastructure works are continuing by the municipality and materials are supplied by ILBANK.

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