Citizens Enjoy the Gulf with Moonlight Tour

Citizens Enjoy The Bay With Moonlight Tour
Citizens Enjoy the Gulf with Moonlight Tour

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality offers citizens the opportunity to spend a beautiful day with the magnificent view of the sunset with its Moonlight Tour service in the Gulf. With the Moonlight Tour in the Bay, which has become a tradition of the Metropolitan and takes place every weekend, the participants first rest their souls with the unique view that emerges at the evening crimson, and then they share an insatiable entertainment under the moonlight, accompanied by music.


The Moonlight Tour in the Gulf, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality for citizens to relieve the tiredness of the week during the summer period and spend a good time with their families and loved ones, attracts great attention. Participants who buy their tickets on the tour, which is held every Saturday, are welcomed with ice cream and tea on the ferry. Citizens who go on a journey in the Gulf, where the most beautiful sunset can be seen like a carefully drawn painting, immortalize this special moment by taking photographs. In the adventure that lasts for two hours, the participants immerse the day and welcome the moonlight, accompanying the music by playing and having a good time.

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