Master Actor Cüneyt Arkın is bid farewell to his final journey

Master Actor Cuneyt Arkin Welcomes His Last Journey
Master Actor Cüneyt Arkın is bid farewell to his final journey

📩 30/06/2022 15:04

A ceremony was held at Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) for Cüneyt Arkın, one of the names who left their mark on the history of Turkish cinema. Sections of Arkın's films were shown at the ceremony, presented by actor Atılgan Gümüş, with the participation of his family, artist friends and fans.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who attended the ceremony, wished patience to the artist's family and said, "We have a bitterness and heaviness in our hearts. Because the name Cüneyt Arkın was more than an artist name, it was an expression of stance and determination. Drama, romance, comedy, whatever genre it is in the cinema, he gave the full justice to the character he portrayed. But above all, it opened a unique door to Turkish history through the cinema screen. Cüneyt Arkın was the first to come to mind with the assimilating, disorienting and confusing effects of popular culture, art and resistance, and he succeeded in all of these despite the lack and impossibilities. He continued on the path he knew and believed.” said.

Pointing out that Arkın will always be remembered, Ersoy said:

“The traces left by such a long-term, rich and productive art life in our cinema will never be erased. No matter how much time passes, it will continue to be a measure of value like a touchstone, to guide and refresh our memory. The fact that there are only expressions of gratitude in our language as we bid him farewell today is a summary that tells everything. It is good that you were there, it is good that you persevered on the way you know and believe. You performed your art without changing your direction or path. Like your name, what you do will continue to live with those who grew up with us as an example, those who love your history, culture and art.”

Underlining that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has the greatest responsibility in keeping the memory and name of Cüneyt Arkın alive, Minister Ersoy said, “We, you know, two years ago, we launched the Atlas Cinema and the Turkish Cinema Museum in Beyoğlu. He did not attend the opening due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. Let's see as soon as the coronavirus passes. I hope we will travel together,' he said. Now we will dedicate a corner to Cüneyt Arkın at Atlas Cinema, as his family envisioned. We will keep the legacy he left us alive to pass on to future generations. We will do this with his family as soon as possible.” he said.

“He always said 'my nation, my people, my country' in his life”

The artist's son, Murat Arkın, emphasized his father's love of country and nation and said:

“He always said 'my nation, my people, my homeland' in his life. We learned everything from him. He's in every move I make in chess. He is in every step I take. It's in every stroke I take while swimming. He is in the eyes of every person I love. I could not look at the media or social media, but I saw from the messages and what was said, and I was proud once again, Cüneyt Arkın, who has become a unifying element on which all our people agree and come to terms, regardless of religion, language, race, sect, color or political view. How lucky are we to have such a value.” used the phrases.

His son Kaan Polat Cüreklibatır told the following:

“My father lived a very difficult life, but to the fullest. We grew up with the immortal characters of the films that are engraved in our memories. The most important thing was that he made (his films) by combining his love for his homeland and nation. In an interview, 'How are you raising your children?' they had asked. He gave the following answer; 'I want my children to laugh, be happy, good people.' I was a child. Of course, I did not understand what a good person is. I learned to be a good person by watching his movies. We learned about love, respect, tolerance, modesty, and most importantly, good people always win and bad people somehow lose. He had me write the manuscripts for his last book. I feel that your whole body, your soul has passed into me. There he said in an article: 'It takes courage to live life'. In fact, that was the summary of the book. It was his own courage to live.”

The artist's wife, Betül Cüreklibatır, and her daughter, Filiz Yaşam Cüreklibatır, also took part in the ceremony.

Cüneyt Arkın's funeral was sent off from AKM with prayers after the speeches and taken to Teşvikiye Mosque for the funeral prayer. Master actor Cüneyt Arkın was sent off on his last journey after the funeral prayer at Teşvikiye Mosque.

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