Winner of Izmir International Film and Music Festival 'You, I am Lenin'

Winner of Izmir International Film and Music Festival, I'm Lenin
Winner of Izmir International Film and Music Festival 'You, I am Lenin'

The 2nd Izmir International Film and Music Festival, hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema and in cooperation with the Intercultural Art Association, came to an end. You Ben Lenin was awarded the Best Film award at the festival. Tayfun Pirselimoğlu won the Special Jury Award given to the best director, and Gülçin Kültür for the best actress. Halil Babür and Murat Kılıç shared the Best Actor award.

Actress Şenay Gürler hosted the award night at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. Italian music group Nino Rota Ensemble gave a musical feast to those who attended the night.

Tunç Soyer: Izmir will soon sit at the center of the cinema industry

The opening speech of the night was delivered by the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç Soyer made. Tunç Soyer In his speech, he said, “As a citizen, I knew that there was a great lack of cinema and soundtracks in İzmir. After I assumed the presidency, we started to dream about it together. İzmir, which has produced countless works in the field of culture and arts throughout history and carried this heritage to the present, has started to host a very original festival with its film and music festivals. İzmir is very lucky because we are determined to raise the bar. We want every street, avenue and district of İzmir to be in touch with the magical world of cinema. And let art meet with the ancient texture and extraordinary beauties of İzmir. We want İzmir to be one of the centers of cinema with its natural plateaus, historical places and easy transportation opportunities. We don't just want this, we will do what is necessary. İzmir will soon sit at the center of the cinema industry with its plateau and cinema office. This festival is a product of that common dream, that vision. I hope that the Izmir International Film and Music Festival will come to a respectable place both in Turkey and in the international cinema community. I know very well that the days when art becomes free again are near. For this, I will continue to resist and always stand by the art.”

“Our dream is to make İzmir a cinema city”

Evaluating the festival, Festival Director Vecdi Sayar said: “We had a tiring but exciting festival for 10 days. We have a common dream with our beloved president. To make this city a movie city. This is just one of the steps, there will be many more. You will see other events and very important filmmakers here. I would especially like to greet Mr. Zbigniew Preisner and Tony Gatlif and our other guests who are here with us today. I would like to thank our jury members who worked with us during this difficult process. The people of Izmir embraced this festival. Most of the movie theaters were full. That's why I want to thank the people of Izmir first,'' he said.

Honorary award to Zbigniew Preisner

The Festival's Honorary Awards were given to musician, writer and director Zülfü Livaneli and Polish composer Zbigniew Preisner this year. In his award speech, Zbigniew Preisner said, “I came here in the 1970s. That's why this award made me very happy. I am very happy to meet you again. I dedicate myself to this work. That's why this award means a lot to me. Staying honest, being honest with yourself is a very valuable, very important thing. It is very important to work with giant names, to work with giant directors, to make music for valuable names like Kieslowski. And at the end of this, it is really great to be invited to these beautiful festivals and to be a guest,'' he said.

Intercultural Art Achievement Award to Tony Gatlif

The Festival's Intercultural Art Achievement Award was given to Tony Gatlif, a French director of Roma origin of Algerian origin, known for his anti-racist works. Gatlif used the following statements in his award speech: “I see you as a magician. Because cinema tells the world to people. You are bringing the world here with this festival. Thank you very much everyone. Thank you so much for having me here on this stage. I really like Turks. I came to Izmir for my first film. Without speaking a word, without knowing a word. But the Turks helped me. He guided me. That's what I call magic. I say magic because cinema fascinates us.”

Labor award to Necip Sarıcı and Atilla Dorsay

Necip Sarıcı, who brought many works to the cinema as a sound engineer and producer, received the labor award. In his award speech, Sarıcı said: “I am receiving this award for Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who said that cinema is a great discovery and said 'you should know the importance it deserves to cinema'. I tried to be worthy of the cinema. I have passed thousands of movies. Izmir became my master. I came as an apprentice and here I am realizing my seventy-fifth year with you. Izmir is my master. Thank you.''

Film critic Atilla Dorsay, who was also deemed worthy of the labor award, said, “I came to İzmir at every opportunity. But I've been coming for this festival for the last two years. I take this festival very seriously. In addition to showing so many films, we have among us a significant part of the people who created modern films, documentaries, dramas, biographies and this music. There are very important guests. Gathering together is a great success of this festival,'' he said.

Crystal Flamingos Found Their Owners

Television Series Music Awards:

  • Under the chairmanship of composer Serdar Kalafatoğlu, director and musician Nezih Ünen, cinema and television writers Alican Sekmeç,
  • It was evaluated by the jury consisting of Burak Göral, Elçin Yahşi, Özlem Özdemir and Tuğçe Madayanti Dizici. The jury decided to award the following productions:
  • Best Original Song in a Digital Platform Series: Sena Şener with the song "Hidden in Deep" in Blue Tv's "Hidden" Series
  • Best Original Song in the National Channel Series: "It's Going to You" in the NG Media production "My Destiny Game" broadcast on Star TV
  • Ender Gündüzlü with the song "Roads"
  • Best Original Score in a Digital Platform Series: Sertaç Özgümüş with the Netflix series "Uysallar"
  • Best Original Score in a National Channel Series: MF production on Fox TV
  • Sertaç Özgümüş with the generic music of the TV series "Prisoner"

National Competition Awards Announced

  • The Jury, chaired by Director Erden Kıral and composed of Director Biket İlhan, Ebru Şeremetli, İzzet Öz, composer Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı, actress Selen Uçer and opera singer Selva Erdener, decided to award the following productions:
  • Best Sound Design: Eli Haligua, Fatih Rağbet and Composer Greg Dobrowski for Erdem Tepegöz's film “In the Shadows”
  • Best Original Film Song: Barış Diri with the song “Ahmet Abi” from the movie “Sen Ben Lenin” by Tufan Taştan
  • Best Original Composition: Nikos Kypourgos with original music from Tayfun Pirselimoğlu's movie “Kerr”
  • Best Actor: Murat Kılıç for his role in Emre Erdoğdu's "List of Those Who Love Me" and Halil Babür and Ferit Karol's "Kumbara"
  • Best Actress: Gülçin Kültür for her role in "Kumbara"
  • Special Jury Award: Tayfun Pirselimoğlu
  • Best Film: You Ben Lenin

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