EGO General Directorate to Purchase Female Bus Drivers

EGO General Directorate to Purchase Female Bus Driver
EGO General Directorate to Purchase Female Bus Drivers

In order to enable women to take a more active role in working life, EGO General Directorate has been increasing the employment of female drivers since 2019. As of today, 28 female drivers serve.

Candidates for female drivers who are planned to be assigned in the public transportation service and meet the following conditions must apply to the Bus Operations Department of the EGO General Directorate between 14-30 June 2022.

Requirements for candidates:

  • To be at least high school graduate,
  • To have the bus driver's license (E or D class) specified in the law,
  • To be able to adapt to the shift working order,
  • To carry the criteria in the Highway Transport Regulation,
  • Obtaining a health report from full-fledged hospitals in compliance with the regulation on the health conditions and examinations to be sought in driver candidates and drivers, indicating that it does not prevent them from being a driver,
  • Having SRC certificate,
  • To be knowledgeable about advanced and safe driving techniques,
  • have strong communication skills

Application date: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - Thursday, June 30, 2022 until the end of business

Contact: (0312) 507 11 88 – (0312) 507 11 12 EGO General Directorate Bus Operations Department

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