Searches for Villa Holidays on Google Increase by 82%

Searches for Villa Holidays on Google Increased by Percentage
Searches for Villa Holidays on Google Increase by 82%

The tourism sector, which went through a troubled period due to the pandemic process, forest fires and the Russia-Ukraine war, entered the summer season of 2022 with great expectations. Underlining that digital marketing strategies, which are of great importance for almost every sector, have become a necessity especially for the tourism sector, Digital Marketing School Founder Yasin Kaplan drew attention to targeting and ticketing methods from digital marketing strategies. Pointing out that holiday habits have also changed in this process, Kaplan stated that Google villa searches, which were 63 percent last year, increased by 82 percent this year.

Stating that digital marketing strategies are the lifeblood of the tourism industry, Digital Marketing School Founder Yasin Kaplan said, “With digital marketing methods, we have the opportunity to reach users all over the world directly. One of them is ticketing. For example, when a user searches for a ticket on Google for domestic and international tickets, we can show ads from brands where he can get services related to hotels, places to visit or car rentals in any social media application that he enters later. At the same time, we can reach users who meet the criteria by targeting the region where we want to show ads. As advertising technologies develop, the learning capacity and ability of artificial intelligence increases. The target audience is known more closely with the traces left by the user in the digital world.

Noting that holiday habits have changed in this process, Kaplan said, “Last year, villa holidays were searched by 63 percent in Google searches. When we look at this year, we see that this rate has reached 82 percent. Although parents are usually the decision makers in holiday decisions, the guiding factor is the younger members of the family. Since users between the ages of 12-22 usually spend time on Tiktok, holiday advertisements should also be based on this channel. Health tourism, which has the most important cake of the sector, also has the largest share in the digital advertising market. Our country welcomes many tourists especially from the Middle East and America for hair transplant and aesthetic clinics. For corporate congresses and company holidays, advertisements made on LinkedIn allow us to reach the target audience directly.”

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