Strength Show with Tiha and Bayraktar TB2 of Pakistan Air Force

flag bearer tb2
flag bearer tb2

A video was released by the Pakistan Air Force right after the ceremony, which was attended by Pakistani President Imran Khan and many high-ranking Pakistani officials. In line with the shared video, important messages of the Pakistan Air Force for the future were given. AKINCI TİHA and Bayraktar TB2 SİHA produced by Bayraktar Defense took part in the video.

AKINCI SİHA Technical Specifications

Takeoff and Landing: Runway (Automatic)
Communication Range: LOS & BLOS
Travel – Maximum Speed: 130 – 195 Knots
Operational - Maximum Altitude: 40,000 feet
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 5,500 kg
Airborne: 24 hours
Wingspan: 20 mt.
Payload Capacity: 1,350 kg
Height: 1 m.
Payload – Munitions: Laser Guided Smart Munitions, Missiles & Long Range Stand-Off Munitions
Payload – ISR: Simultaneous EO/IR/LD, Multi-Purpose AESA Radar & SIGINT
Propulsion Type: 2 x 750 HP or 2 x 450 HP Turboprop Engine

Akinci UAV

Bayraktar TB2 Siha Technical Specifications

Communication Range: LOS
Fuel Capacity / Type: 300 Liters / Gasoline
Cruising – Maximum Speed: 70 knots – 120 knots
Height: 2.2 m.
Takeoff and Landing: Runway (Automatic)
Operational – Maximum Altitude: 18.000 feet – 27.000 feet
Airtime: 27 Hours
Payload Capacity: 150 kg
Length: 6.5 m.
Wingspan: 12 mt.
Payload – Munitions: 4 Laser Guided Smart Ammunition
Payload – ISR: Switchable EO/IR/LD or Multi-Purpose AESA Radar
Propulsion Type: 100 Hp Internal Combustion Injection Engine
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 650 kg

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