Turkish Mine Ships to Remove Mines Laid Near Odessa

Turkish Minelayer
Turkish Minelayer

On the 30th day of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Naval Forces activated mine hunting ships against the risk in the Bosphorus. The Turkish Naval Forces Command published NAVTEX and warned, "Mines can be dangerous, be careful", since the mines that Ukraine dropped into the sea from Odessa against Russian warships pose a risk to the Black Sea. poses a serious threat to their country.

The mine risk was heard for the first time with the warning of the Russian Sochi Port Authority on 18 March. According to Russia, 420 mines were left in the sea in the port areas of Odessa, Ochakov, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny. The Turkish Naval Forces Command, which went into an alert state, issued NAVTEX and warned, "Mines can create danger, be careful".


Whether or not the mines will pose a risk depends on whether Ukraine has properly and correctly disposed of these mines. If the mines are left with the safety device activated, as soon as they are released from their weight and move away from the place where they are placed according to the meteorological conditions, the safety device is activated and even if it comes into contact with a ship, it behaves like a normal waste and the risk of explosion is eliminated. However, if the safety equipment of the mines is not open, it can create a danger.


While some of the mines come to the sea surface, some of them can navigate 1-2 meters deep in the sea. Surface-visible mines are easy to spot with drones, helicopters, and reconnaissance planes. Those whose anxiety is deep and it is difficult to notice them. The only way to see the depths is to work with minesweepers and dredgers.11


The Navy has a total of 5 mine hunting ships, 11 of which are Engin class and the sixth Aydın class. Aydın class ships in the inventory of the Naval Forces are among the most modern mine hunting ships of NATO. With their advanced sonar systems, these ships can detect mines from 400 to 600 meters away. The Aydın class includes TCG Alanya, TCG Amasra, TCG Ayvalık, TCG Akçakoca, TCG Anamur and TCG Akçay. In this direction, although a NATO mission is proposed within the scope of measures against mines, it is stated that Turkey has the capacity to fight this fight alone.


The Naval Forces Command, which is under surveillance from the air and sea against mines, has also started work against the risk of approaching the Bosphorus. If the sea mines break and drift, the time to reach the Bosphorus is at least 1 month, depending on the weather and sea conditions. Within the scope of the works to be carried out during this period, it is planned that the navy's mine hunting and minesweepers will be deployed around the Bosphorus and they will scan in a way that will open safe routes for merchant ships.

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