President Soyer Hosted Future Party Leader Davutoğlu

President Soyer Hosted Future Party Leader Davutoğlu
President Soyer Hosted Future Party Leader Davutoğlu

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer hosted Ahmet Davutoğlu, Chairman of the Future Party and the 26th Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, who came to the city for a series of events. Ahmet Davutoğlu's wife Sare Davutoğlu, President Tunç Soyer's wife Neptün Soyer, Future Party Vice Presidents Selim Temurci, Selçuk Özdağ and Kerim Rota, Future Party İzmir Provincial President Onur Sivaslı, Future Party Aydın Provincial President H. Suzan Milli, Future Party Manisa Provincial President Nurten Onultmak, Future Party Denizli Provincial Head Aykut Yıldırım and Future Party provincial administrators and district heads attended.

“We have great hope”

During the meeting, issues related to İzmir and the country's agenda were discussed. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer expressed his satisfaction with the gathering of 6 political party leaders and said, “You have given us hope. It is a point reached with the sacrifice of everyone and the effort of everyone. This is so precious. It was a moment that sheds light on our future and gives us hope. Apart from our political differences, we have a lot in common. Our hope is great. "We don't deserve this administration," he said.

“That table created a psychological revolution”

Future Party Leader Ahmet Davutoğlu said, “Turkish politics needs a new breath. We are having trouble breathing. This table represents the main veins of Turkish politics. Hopefully we will go through better phases. That table created a psychological revolution in this country. The parties that were called impossible to get together came together. There is also a great kindness among the general presidents. We will overcome all difficulties together. Society no longer allows that table to fall apart. Izmir is the one who will believe in this," he said.

Olive tree gift

After the meeting, President Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer presented an olive sapling and a gramophone made of earth to Future Party Chairman Davutoğlu and his wife Sare Davutoğlu. Davutoğlu, on the other hand, presented Neptün Soyer with her book “Civilizations and Cities” in memory of her visit to Izmir. Neptün Soyer and Sare Davutoğlu visited Nezahat Sevim's Blue Dreams Embroidery Exhibition from the Past to the Future at the Çetin Emeç Art Gallery.

“İzmir will once again be the guiding horizon city of our politics”

After the commemorative photograph, Soyer and Davutoğlu went before the members of the press. Soyer started his speech by thanking İzmir for his visit and said, “I am grateful for their time for us. We are very happy,” he said.

Davutoğlu began his speech by congratulating President Soyer for keeping the historical Sovereignty House used as the presidential building alive. Davutoğlu said, “One of the most important places that reflect the cultures of cities is the city halls of that city. It is like that all over the world. Unfortunately, we have a big building interest. In recent years, providing services in historical buildings has become neglected. The President's hosting of us in a 150-year-old building deserves all kinds of appreciation.”

Defining İzmir as the city of horizons, Davutoğlu continued his words as follows: “İzmir is the axis city of our modernization. It is the city of liberation and establishment. It is the city where democracy was born. I believe that Izmir will take the place it deserves in the coming period. When we opened the Prime Minister's Office here in the past, we did it with the idea of ​​making İzmir the center of politics. İzmir will once again be the guiding horizon city of our politics.”

“It is very important for Soyer to strengthen the hinterland of İzmir”

Davutoğlu drew attention to Soyer's work in İzmir, particularly in agriculture and tourism, and said, “We just talked to our esteemed President about historical sites one by one. The arrangements and protection activities they make in those places are above all kinds of appreciation. They also talked about the projects they implemented in rural areas. It is really important that İzmir strengthens its hinterland and backyard by developing the rural areas, especially the regulation in milk prices to encourage small cattle breeding. I wish him success,” he said.

“This nation cannot bear to lose more olives”

Finally, speaking about the change in the olive regulation on Soyer's gift of olives, Davutoğlu said, “We discussed the protection of Turkey's ecological richness. Olive groves should not be seen as an area of ​​rent. On the contrary, we have olive trees that live for centuries. All these need to be protected. Recently, we have lost a lot of olive groves due to fires. This nation cannot bear to lose any more olives. I hope this mistake is corrected and the law is amended. Olive groves are an ecological richness and its protection is essential.

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